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A couple months ago, my mom sent me some sentimental photos. I loved receiving them and wanted to share them with you.

These crazy kids are my parents (and me!). This photo was taken the day before I made my appearance in this lovely world. Moms caption on the back of the photo, “On the way to the hospital! My large tummy is overshadowed only by my large glasses!” So witty, isn’t she!

This is Billie ‘n me. He was my first Cabbage Patch – from Okinawa, Japan – sent to me from my dad when he was stationed there for 3 mos while in the marines. The Birth Certificate was all in Japanese except for the first name, Billie. I didn’t care…I loved him regardless. Photo taken in August 1985 (hmm…was this a birthday gift for my 5th birthday? I don’t remember the occasion.) The mom caption, “Billie & Kelli. Remember Billie? Practicing for the real thing!” I sure was. I’ve always wanted to be a mom, even amidst the “I want to be a Librarian and Cheerleader when I grow up” phase. The other two fizzled out but the mom dream has stuck.

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My Muggle Pensieve

I wanna start writing some of my memories down…to share with you but to also just have them somewhere other than my foggy mind.

I’ll start with one that my mom shared with me a couple weeks ago. I’d forgotten this happened.

When I was in highschool, my mom, sister, brother & I were living in a duplex in Siloam Springs, AR. We had a cat named Belle (Belle is no longer with us) who would meow at our bedroom doors in the middle of the night. We’d wake up and let her in. She’d sleep for a while then decide to give herself a bath at your feet. A deeper sleeper would have found this, shall we say, comforting? But I am not a deep sleeper and I did not find it comforting. When Belle was ready to leave the room, she’d meow at the door to be let out. All of these things apparently prompted me to tell mom, with deep conviction and emotion, I’m sure, that I would not have a cat when I had my own place.

OH the irony!! Nathan and I have two cats! And one of them meows at our door every morning about 45 minutes before the alarm goes off. Ugh!