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Am I shallow to have a TV show as one of my blog categories?

I HAD to include Gilmore Girls as a blog category. I’m afraid I’ve become obsessed. Nathan had beer – so I needed something. I don’t know how it happened. I’d tried watching Gilmore Girls a couple times during the last couple years – when there wasn’t anything better on and I had to fold laundry or something. But I just couldn’t get into it. My sister loved the show but I couldn’t find the “hook” in it all. Then, all of the sudden, this fall I watched an episode. All the way through (?) – I can’t remember. But the “hook” found me and I was. Every Tuesday night at 7:00 cst I anticipate the first witty line that will come from Lorelai’s mouth.

BUT – it’s season 6 and how did all of this come to be? I stepped into the story much too late. I had some catching up to do. Nathan and I started the Blockbuster via postal mail deal – and what a deal it is! Much better of a deal than buying the last 5 seasons of GG at $50 each. Slowly but surely, I’ve just finished season 4 – where Lorelai and Luke finally “hook-up”. There was much rejoicing in my house! Disc 1 of season 5 is much too slow in it’s coming!

I’ve been spoiled being able to watch uninterrupted GG episodes – one right after the other. Now on Tuesday nights I have a hard time with those pesky commercials coming between me and my girls! It throws off the whole sinc of the show. But after I watch season 5, Tuesday nights will be all I have. I’ll have to de-tox and come to a place where only 1 GG fix a week must suffice.

Any other GG fans out there?

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