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new & old music discovered

Remember the Romeo & Juliet soundtrack? the vocal one? Well, it’s one of my favorites – great for painting to. I love that song “Little Star” by Stina Nordenstam. So, with the help of the newly discovered Pandora Music I’m hearing more of her stuff and other music with similar sound. It’s turned out well so far.

The other person I’m checking out on Pandora’s music is Sam Phillips (female). I heard her song “Reflecting Light” on my favorite GG episode (Season 4 episode 21). While I don’t have an extensive knowledge of music, she has a bit of the old sound like Squirrel Nut Zippers (without the cooky-ness). She also reminds me of some music Traci let me listen to this summer….a song about old fashioned morphine. Can’t remember the name of the artist.

Anyway, I wanted to share with you all. Hope you enjoy!

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Mmmm babies

For all the world to hear, I have baby fever. It’s been sneaky, slowly rearing it’s sometimes ugly head this last year or so. At first it started over the holidays – because holidays are about family. Simple logic. But now, it’s probably something I think about at least once a day. It seems inevitable.

There are, however, glimpses of reality in this day-dreamy, picture-perfect baby future that I’ve created in my head. And that hits when I come across all the body fluid information – the “homework” of future parents to be. It’s not all cuddly Baby Gap sweaters and “what color to paint the nursury”. No, the woman must go through Hell first. Thanks a lot, Eve!

When I come across the “fluid” information I quickly question my ability to have a baby. For real. Not only do I nearly faint at the mention, description, sight, and mental picture of blood and other goo, but I have a low tolerance for pain. I have no problem admitting this. It’s important to be upfront with this kind of introspective knowledge – no illusions here. I’ve never tried to convince myself that natural childbirth is something I could or even desire to do. So after reading a friend’s blog about her home-childbirth experience (beautifully and tastefully written, by the way) I’m having the “oh-m-god, I can’t have a baby” panick attack – the second in the last month. The adoption “hoops” look pretty darn good about now.

Special note for the Mom and Mom-in-Law: Don’t worry. I’m sure I’ll have a gooshy, dreamy, baby entry next week that will subdue all your fears of never becoming a grandma. ; )

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Am I shallow to have a TV show as one of my blog categories?

I HAD to include Gilmore Girls as a blog category. I’m afraid I’ve become obsessed. Nathan had beer – so I needed something. I don’t know how it happened. I’d tried watching Gilmore Girls a couple times during the last couple years – when there wasn’t anything better on and I had to fold laundry or something. But I just couldn’t get into it. My sister loved the show but I couldn’t find the “hook” in it all. Then, all of the sudden, this fall I watched an episode. All the way through (?) – I can’t remember. But the “hook” found me and I was. Every Tuesday night at 7:00 cst I anticipate the first witty line that will come from Lorelai’s mouth.

BUT – it’s season 6 and how did all of this come to be? I stepped into the story much too late. I had some catching up to do. Nathan and I started the Blockbuster via postal mail deal – and what a deal it is! Much better of a deal than buying the last 5 seasons of GG at $50 each. Slowly but surely, I’ve just finished season 4 – where Lorelai and Luke finally “hook-up”. There was much rejoicing in my house! Disc 1 of season 5 is much too slow in it’s coming!

I’ve been spoiled being able to watch uninterrupted GG episodes – one right after the other. Now on Tuesday nights I have a hard time with those pesky commercials coming between me and my girls! It throws off the whole sinc of the show. But after I watch season 5, Tuesday nights will be all I have. I’ll have to de-tox and come to a place where only 1 GG fix a week must suffice.

Any other GG fans out there?

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Until recently, I had no desire to have a blog. However, I’ve discovered that it’s a great way to catch up with friends! With this new perspective, I’m happy to share these life excerpts with you in hopes that we can stay in touch. Enjoy!

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