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Fiest & Friends

I’ve been coming across lots of great music lately! It’s refreshing – and it’s incredibly helpful for painting. The latest is “Fiest”. I first heard them on the radio station that we listen to in the car. The one song they played grew on me so I decided to explore them with Pandora. Each song that I hear from them I love. They’re kinda jazzy & they are my next music purchase.

This morning, the sun is shining, I’m painting and our guest bedroom is filled with slumbering, dear, old friends, Traci and Casey. It’s a wonderful warm feeling to have them here. Next weekend, my mom flies in and she will be the “slumbering guest”. I’m looking forward to that too! This is why we bought a house – to have room for visiters. It feels great to use it in that way and makes me even more anxious to finish the rest of the basement. The house will then feel complete & settled. No more “transition” mode. But, it looks like it will be a while before that becomes a priority for our finances.

Getting back to my painting before the morning is gone…

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My Muggle Pensieve

I wanna start writing some of my memories down…to share with you but to also just have them somewhere other than my foggy mind.

I’ll start with one that my mom shared with me a couple weeks ago. I’d forgotten this happened.

When I was in highschool, my mom, sister, brother & I were living in a duplex in Siloam Springs, AR. We had a cat named Belle (Belle is no longer with us) who would meow at our bedroom doors in the middle of the night. We’d wake up and let her in. She’d sleep for a while then decide to give herself a bath at your feet. A deeper sleeper would have found this, shall we say, comforting? But I am not a deep sleeper and I did not find it comforting. When Belle was ready to leave the room, she’d meow at the door to be let out. All of these things apparently prompted me to tell mom, with deep conviction and emotion, I’m sure, that I would not have a cat when I had my own place.

OH the irony!! Nathan and I have two cats! And one of them meows at our door every morning about 45 minutes before the alarm goes off. Ugh!


It’s been too long

So, it’s been a while since I’ve “blogged” (not an attractive sounding word). I haven’t felt very creative lately but Nathan has assured me that not every entry has to be creative. The Perfectionist in me is trying to learn that.

This week, I’ve worked at InterVarsity for a full 40 hr. week…something I haven’t done for almost a year. My team went to a conference and I was able to stay here to answer phones, etc. It really wasn’t as bad as I imagined. There were no major emergencies…Urgencies-YES!…but no EMERgencies.

While I had to cover more bases like health benefits, retirement, employment verifications, etc., I, strangely, didn’t have as many interruptions. I’m an easily distracted person so interruptions are detrimental to my productivity and sanity. So, in some ways, this week was peaceful. Don’t get me wrong, I’m definitely looking forward to my 20 hr. reduction next week!

March is busy! It sorta hit like a ton of bricks. Our office Art Festival starts in a couple weeks and I’m in charge of set-up. My mom flies in that same day. Traci and Casey are coming to visit next week. And there’s always the weekly routine commitments, bible studies, etc. So, my calendar looks full and my mind feels full too.

Yesterday I discovered a “magic formula” for the busy person. It’s called a Grande Mocha! I drank one at 2:00 pm and was wired and blabbing till 10:00 at night. Nathan and I rushed home from work, I made dinner ASAP & made some phone calls, scarfed down dinner, ran to my Bible study that started at 6:00 pm, ran to the grocery store after Bible study to pick up some ingredients for a cake for a friend’s birthday, went home to make the cake (FROM SCRATCH!!) and talked Nathan’s ear off the whole time! I even managed to start the dishwasher and wash a sink full of dishes before heading to bed. Also, I didn’t sleep that well. My body wasn’t going into that REM sleep. I attribute it to the “magic formula”. Obviously, timing is everything. I probably should have had my Mocha first thing in the morning so that I would wind down at a respectable hour. I’ll have to try that next time. : )

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