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I should clarify…

As far as I know we are not pregnant. Trying – yes, but nothing official at this point. I just had a friend/co-worker run to my desk in excitment after reading my last blog. I had to burst that bubble quickly! :) ”…baby to be…” from my last blog is simply a “twinkle in our eyes”, a “thought in our heads”, a “star on the horizon”…you get the idea.

Also, it should be known hence forth throughout the land that when we are pregnant (right now we are NOT) most of you will hear by word of mouth before it’s posted on this blog. We just would rather tell folks ourselves before all of cyberspace finds out.

All of you well wishers, friends and family, your prayers are priceless to us and necesarry. This is month 2 of trying and I already have to play the mind-over-matter game with myself. I have a tendency to overwhelm my head with “what-ifs”. Any of you who have tried to get pregnant in the past or are presently trying, know what those “what-ifs” consist of so I won’t go there. None-the-less, I’m a worrier and have to fight those negative thoughts. However, if there are physical problems in the way of us getting pregnant, I would like to know before a year of frustration and “not knowing” ahead of us.

So, all in all, nothing to report at this time. Thank you all for caring about us! We are blessed by you!

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