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We’re Pregnant!!

Hi everyone! Most of you know this news already. For those of you who don’t, surprise! :) The due date is April 17th.

Today is the start of my 12th week. Those of you who are prenatal illiterate, that means I’m a week away from being done with my 1st trimester. Not sure if that helped clarify anything. ;)

My first Dr. appointment was Sept. 7th. It was non-eventful but I do really like my Dr. I had blood & urine work done and she talked to us about Cystic Fibrosis. Us Northern European decendent people have a higher probability of it showing up. Our next appt. is Oct. 5th.

I threw up for the first time on Friday. TMI? probably. Just when I thought I was through that stage. Ugh.

So recently, I’ve been feeling like it’s hard to breath…like there’s pressure on my lungs. It’s the worst right after I eat. But I’ve not been eating a lot. Just a snack at a time. I’m a “grazer” now. At first I thought it was b/c my pants were too tight. But I just bought some stretchy maternity pants. I’m a little concerned about it cause I’ve not heard of this happening to anyone else. Plus, I’m not big yet. I would love some encouraging feedback from any moms &/or moms-to-be about this breathing thing. It’s really annoying.

Ok, well, I’ll keep you guys posted as we travel along this journey.

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