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Some more good news!

This is sort of a personal “good news” story. For those moms out there, you will empathize and rejoice with me.

As Nathan and I have been reading these birthing books, we’ve been processing more and more about what we want our birth plan to look like. I’ve decided that the hospital is the best place for me to deliver but that I want a mid-wife to be there in addition to the doctor. I can’t realistically expect a doctor to be able to give me the personal attention a mid-wife will give. Another reason I want a mid-wife is that the way our insurance/hospital works is that whichever of the 11 OBGyn doctors is on call at the time that I go into delivery, that’s who delivers me…not necessarily the doctor I’ve been seeing these last several months.

Searching myself to find a situation where I can relax and be open (no pun intended) to give birth, I believe I’ll need someone who 1. knows what they are doing during a woman’s labor & 2. can study me, can know me, my labor situation & what I need personally, mentally & physically – someone who’s #1 priority for the time is helping me have a successful delivery. Nathan will be there and be my encourager but, bless his heart, he “don’t know nothin’ ‘bout birthin’ no babies”! :) Neither do I for that matter. We need a professional.

So, all that said, I just called our health insurance to find out if mid-wives are covered & they are! It obviously has to be a “plan mid-wife” but I will have a choice as to which one I would like to have by my side. Huge relief for me this morning! :)

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It’s a Boy!

(you can’t tell from this picture – no naughty bits here!) :)

We found out on Monday and kept our mouths nearly shut till Thanksgiving when we sprung it on the parents for a Thanksgiving surprise! We were very sneaky!

The ultrasound was an amazing experience. So amazing, in fact, that I had no time to consider the mushy-ness of the experience or to cry about it. All eyes were focused on the screen, the fact that I had to pee – again, the funny experience of the camera-thing rolling around on my belly in the warm gel, and of course, deciphering what I was seeing on the screen – OUR BABY! I wish that the grandparents could have been there as they did not get to experience this when we were belly-dwellers.

We got a wave from our little guy (I will always remember that!) and lots of moving. So much, in fact, that I couldn’t believe I hadn’t felt him move yet. That problem was remedied this last Friday night. The fam. (Nathan, me, Nathan’s mom and sister) was watching that old familiar Thanksgiving classic, The Wedding Singer. ;) I was having some gassy tummy feelings but realized there was more than that going on inside when my arm moved from something hitting the inside of my tummy! That was not gas! ha ha! Nathan got to feel him kicking/punching too! It was a wonderful experience. He preformed for us again last night while I was on the phone with Grandma Kathy. All the doting from the parents wasn’t enough, he needed Grandma’s attention too. She said, “Just wait. Soon he’ll be pushing the shopping cart for you!” ha ha!

In the meantime, I’ve started reading Peggy Vincent’s, The Baby Catcher. It is a great book – more so when you are ready to read it (as I was not earlier this summer). It has really got me thinking about what kind of birth experience I want to have. I’m still not convinced that I would feel more relaxed or comfortable at home rather than in the hospital. However, I am more convinced that I value a natural childbirth and have priorities to make my birthing experience as positive as possible. Nathan is in process of reading Ina May¬ís Guide to Childbirth, by Ina May Gaskin. He’s been sharing fascinating tid-bits of information about how my body could/should preform with a healthy positive state of mind during childbirth. It’s an odd conversation – to have my husband know more about how a woman’s body works during childbirth than I do. However, I plan to jump right in to Ina May’s book once I’m finished with Baby Catcher. Soon we’ll be on level playing ground.


4 months

4 months and 4 days today. My friend Bek just had her second baby, another girl, on Saturday! Congrats Bek & Chad! I can’t wait to see pics! This new delivery has made me excited to have our little one join us in the “outside world”.

I’ve past the yucky feeling stage with bouts of tiredness here and there (a good nap will never be turned down!). I’m not sure I’ve gotten the “nesting” energy boost but it’s definitely on it’s way.

A couple weeks ago, our friends were trying to think of a creative neutral name to refer to the baby. Since our cats are Merry & Pippin from Lord of the Rings, they naturally thought that Frodo should be the gender neutral(?) name. Frodo Lenz…it didn’t end there. Soon, my belly became the comfortable Shire where he/she lived and then my whole body was Middle Earth. For those LOR fans out there, I hope you find this as funny as I did. It’s good to know how to laugh at yourself!

Speaking of names, I believe we have decided on a boy name and a girl name. However, those are top secret and will not be revealed until the baby arrives.

Other than thinking and planning for our new little bundle, I’ve started work on making my Christmas cards. I plan to thoroughly enjoy this process this year as it seems like it will become a more stressful task next year.

Nathan’s family is coming over to our house for Thanksgiving. 17-ish people & it will be my first attempt at making a turkey and other thanksgiving “must – haves’. I look at it as an adventure and when I’m not planning for baby, I’m planning for Thanksgiving. :)

I’ve been telling my co-workers that the baby is eating all my patience. It seems, especially this week as hard things have happened at work, that I’ve been extra moody and easily lose it! I don’t like being that way but recognize that God made these hormones for some reason whether as a protection mechanism or just a side effect from growing the baby. Somewhere deep inside, I’m afraid, I feel justified in my feelings, no matter how extreme. Not sure if that’s good or bad…probably depends on how I use them (like super-hero powers!)

Our cats are leaving us this Friday evening to join a lovely family in Lake Geneva. I knew our cats had found a good home when 1. The family came to visit and fell instantly in love & 2. I found out their previous cat had died of diabetes and discovered they had given him/her a shot of insulin everyday to keep him/her healthy. That is dedication and love my friends! Since Merry & Pippin are such friendly cats & no health concerns, I think there will be no problem in them fitting right in. Now the only problem is can I send them on their way without making a scene? I get teary eyed just thinking about it. I don’t want the new family to feel bad about taking our cats…it’s a good decision for us all around…but I will miss them.

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