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Glucose test – Pt. 2

I got normal results! Such great news! No G. Diabetes and special diets to worry about! Woohoo! Thank you Jesus!

I am so glad to know that my baby is ok and there are no complications to worry about at this point. Again, thanks to all of you who’ve been praying. :)

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Glucose test – done!

It is done! It wasn’t too bad – considering I hate needles. I had to fast for 12 hrs. (from 8:30 pm thru the end of the tests at noon). At 8:45 am they took the first test of blood and then I drank a very sugary lemon-lime “glucose soda” as quickly as I could – less than 5 minutes. I had already started getting shaky from lack of food before they took my blood the first time. After drinking the “soda” I waited an hour…an hour in which I became very tired…and they took my blood again. They took my blood twice more, each hour – 2 pokes in each arm. While I was waiting, I read – of course – my mothering books, and child magazines in the office, as well as completing a couple of Sudoku puzzles.

To celebrate the end of needles (for the day-at least)…Nathan picked me up and treated me to a romantic lunch at Red Robin! ;) He told me I could have whatever I wanted and….well…I just wanted a burger. It hit the spot!

I am relieved to have the test over and done with…but now I just have to wait to hear about the results. I’ll be sure to let you all know as soon as I hear something. Thanks for your prayers. (Keep checking for Pt. 2 of this entry).

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by the way…

Nathan and I are discussing the option to combine our blogs and create one big family blog. This is still in brainstorming stages so don’t look for any new developments soon. However, we hope to have this accomplished before the baby arrives in order to keep you all updated on each of us and our fabulously exciting lives in one cyberspace location. It doesn’t get much better than that! ;)

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5 & 6 mos.

There’s too much in these 2 mos. to fit in one blog. I’ll make my rendition of the holiday happenings brief and I’ll start with Christmas/Urbana ‘06 Mission convention…it was great! I was able to spend 8 days with my family. It was a wonderful bonding time and I was well taken care of. :)

Nathan headed off to St. Louis for the Urbana conference on Christmas afternoon. He seemed to love it! He enjoyed being single for one last time! He only got 3 hrs. of sleep each night and I was glad I didn’t try to put myself through that!

After meeting Nathan back in St. Louis, we went to spend a few great days with Nathan’s parents and sister. We visited the Cache river swamp (cypress trees). It really is a beautiful and mysterious place. I love to be there.

Being back in Madison, the holidays now over, I can focus on the remaining things we need to do before the baby arrives. That includes putting french doors on the nursery, possibly painting the nursery, finishing the baby quilt and bumper, etc. We are still deciding on whether or not to have a doula during delivery. On Sunday we had a tour of the hospital. It was a good experience and I do feel more comfortable after seeing the facilities.

This last week, marking 6 mos., was an emotional roller coaster for me. Monday, at my dentist appt., I was told I have 4 cavities that I’ve developed in the last 8 mos. since my last appt. I left feeling very discouraged about finances and what we will have to pay to get the cavities filled. On Wednesday, I had my Dr’s. appt. and initial Glucose test. My Dr. told me she thought I might be anemic and later that afternoon the nurse called to tell me my glucose levels were high. In response, I have to take “the long glucose test” – fasting for 12 hrs. before the test and getting blood drawn 4 times at 1 hr. intervals. It will be lots of waiting that day. On top of that, I wasn’t feeling the baby move as much as I had during the Christmas break. I was a wreck emotionally. But these last two days, our little guy has picked back up and is as active as ever with new a wonderous ways of moving. Sometimes I think he’s trying to get out through my belly-button.

This week, my spirits are up. Gestational Diabetes or no, I will be ok…I just won’t get to enjoy food as long as I expected. But, whatever, I just want our son to be healthy.

That’s all in a nut shell. :)