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The French Doors are up!!!!

There is great rejoicing in the Lenz home! Our French doors for the baby’s nursery are finally finished and up! Nathan has worked sooo hard for weeks and weeks. On the front end, projects like these always seem easier than they really are. But Nathan has persevered on and is already making a wonderful daddy!

So much so, that after hours of work today, he was out shoveling mounds of snow! I love him dearly and I know he loves the baby & me.

While I don’t expect the baby to come early, yesterday I found myself saying, “Nathan, maybe God knows the baby will come early so he gave us lots of snow this weekend so we could get the doors up and the nursery finished”. Our fully scheduled weekend turned into an empty calendar full of cancellations. Thus, it’s been a productive couple of days and it feels good!

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7 mos.

Kelli at 7 mos. Hi friends, yesterday was 2 mos. till my due date. While it seems so close, I recognize that we still have a lot to do. As I type, I’m sitting on the couch, under my down-comforter with our windows wide open in 18 degree weather. “Is she crazy? Has the baby really sucked out ALL of her brain? Are her ‘hot-flashes’ so strong that she really needs to open the windows?” All of these things you may be asking yourself. The real answer is that Nathan is down stairs staining the French doors for the nursery. Opening the windows is the only way to have a “well ventilated area” at this time of year.

The nursery is painted – although it turned out much brighter than we anticipated. You can see the color in the background of my photo. The picture really doesn’t reveal the intensity of this green. Emily, my sister, you’ll know what I mean when I say “Greeny-glow”! I worry about this color. We painted “green” in order for it to be soothing – since we’ve heard from several places that the color yellow makes babies cry more. I’m not sure this new color solved our problem. Nathan tells me not to worry, “Kids love bright colors”, he says. So, we shall see. We hope adding the French doors and furniture will help to tone it down a bit. Stay tuned to find out what happens!

Besides just feeling BIG these days, I’ve “experienced” it in several ways. The first is the ever increasing amount of maternity clothes that are getting tight. I still have clothes that fit but only a couple months ago I was still “swimming” in these clothes. Some knowledge to pass on to “non-pregnant but hoping to be someday” ladies out there, don’t buy your entire maternity wardrobe at once. Hopefully you’ll have friends who are willing to donate their maternity wardrobe to you. That has been a HUGE blessing to me. But if you do buy some or all of your own clothes, expect to get bigger and need bigger sizes as your “bun” continues to “cook”.

The second BIG experience is that I can no longer “twist” to buckle my seat belt with both hands. I have to feel my way – one handed – to find the buckle and “click”. Not sure exactly what day I discovered my previous seat-belt buckling process no longer worked but I remember feeling that I had to “suck in” and really struggle to find the buckle. When the “sucking in” and struggling didn’t work, I resorted to the one hand maneuver.

Finally, the 3rd BIG experience, the standard bath towel no longer fits around me after a bath or shower. Luckily, we’d registered and received several bath sheets for our wedding. Using one entire bath sheet just for myself was not my intended purpose for having the bath sheets. But boy am I glad I have them for my ever expanding belly now. Another FYI for those “moms to be” out there.

We had our first Childbirth class yesterday at the Madison Birthing Center. I’m really glad we decided and have the opportunity to take our Childbirth class there even though we aren’t able to give birth there. If we are still around this area when baby #2 comes, we will for sure make every effort to be able to give birth there and hopefully even have a water birth. But being in the class really helps to give Nathan and I helpful tips on a natural childbirth. Leaving from the first class, yesterday, I feel very very strongly about having a natural birth and avoiding a medical inducement at all cost (at least until 2 weeks over due). Also in our class are two other couples who are having their babies in hospitals, one couple who is giving birth at St. Mary’s (where our son is expected to be born). So, it’s nice to know that we’re not the only ones who want a natural and unnecessary intervened birth in a hospital. We will need to be clear in our birth plan and firm in our decisions and communication with the OB and nurses on duty. We’ve already had some conversations where our doctor hasn’t fully disclosed the “cons” of a medicated birth or taken us seriously about wanting to have our baby naturally. We covet your prayers for us during our labor, so that we (especially Nathan) can stay lucid and make wise decisions under the emotional intensity of the process.