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Hurdle #2: Breastfeeding

Eli sleeping in bassinetYesterday was a tough day. Eli’s first night home was great! He’s (so far) a very good baby – hardly ever fussy – just when something is wrong. So, the reason I didn’t hardly sleep that first night was not because Eli was crying or even awake. We let him sleep as long as he would (no longer than 5 hrs without a feeding). He slept 4 hrs. before I started hearing him smack around on his tongue and hands. During those 4 hrs. I would listen so hard for his breathing. One of my biggest fears is SIDS and add more worry for his respiratory problems. Needless to say, my sleeping was shallow and very interrupted for those 4 hrs. Even though he wasn’t crying and still sleeping, we decided it was time to get up and feed him. After the diaper change, pumping and feeding we laid him back down to sleep. He did great but got the hiccups which kept me up and listening. After that initial 4 hrs. of sleep, we decided to pump every 2 hrs. Ugh. This was the point of spiraling down. Read the rest of this entry »

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Welcome home Elias

We found out that he could come home this morning around 9:30am this morning.  Needless to say, we were very happy.  It felt so good to know that he was going to be here with us.

Here we are about ready to leave the hospital. He’s sporting his new blue shirt and pants that his momma picked out for him along with his hand knitted hat from the Boyd’s.

Eli with his parents

The little guy riding in his brand new car seat.  He slept all the way home, hardly making a peep.

Eli in his car seat

Kelli feeding little Eli at home.  He can’t keep his hands out of his face when we’re trying to feed him.  They tell us he is a self-soother, which sounds like a good thing to me.

Kelli feeding Eli at home

Here he is doing what he does best, surrounded by polka dots and little air planes.

Colorful Eli

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Eli’s comin’ home!

We are over-joyed…laughing, hugging and crying! Thank you Jesus! You are good!

We go to his 11:30 feeding time and will bring him home with us. Yippee-skippy!

Here’s another cute picture to keep you occupied. :)

Daddy & Eli

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we have time to post pictures :)

close up

what’s that you say?!

Eli the gnome

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My short 2 cents

Hi friends and family! I just wanted to write a quick post…get some of my thoughts out there to you guys.

We had a rough morning. Even though we tried to keep our hopes under logical control, we were very expectant to have Eli home by now. We all had our mini grieving processes there in the hospital Family room.

We are recovering well, trying to put a plan into place for any future days where Eli may need to stay at the NICU. Also, we are trying to take advantage of more rest time – using our situation to any possible advantage it may offer and surfing on the “silver linings”.

We know you are all praying for us and we just continue to need and stand in those prayers. As I was telling Nathan’s mom, the emotional roller-coaster far outweighs the physical pain right now.

However, in the midst of the pain, we have sooooo many blessings. First, Eli and I are both alive and recovering well! It may be a little slower for Eli but he could be in much worse shape. I’ve nicknamed him the “NICU Heavy-weight champion”! He’s at least double the size of most of his baby neighbors. Not to mention, he’s so beautiful (if it counts for me to say that :) ).

I also want to mention the St. Mary’s doctors and nurses. They have been fantastic! I am so grateful to them! I had one of the best (if not the best) OB’s deliver Eli and then immediately kick the whole under-staffed floor into action for my hemorrhage recovery. I remember back to around month 5 & 6 of my pregnancy, I wanted so bad to labor and deliver at the Madison Birthing center – no matter the cost! Nathan just didn’t feel peace about that decision. Yes, most of it was financial but he also had the concern of “what if something happened?”. Well, who would have thunk, but sure enough, we did have “something happen” and had we delivered at home or the birth center, I may not be here to talk to you now. So, even in the long labor and drama, we continue to see where God is carrying us through this. I am trying to look ahead at how God will use this for His good purposes. Nathan and I have certainly built more intimacy and trust as we continue to strengthen our “team”. I couldn’t have asked for a better more loyal and caring birth partner or father for my son. He gives 200% even in his exhaustion. What sweet days we will have when Eli is home and our family of 3 is together at last!

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Eli can’t come home yet.

They tell us he really is getting close, but he had a couple spells early this morning where his oxygen went down to 75% (it should be above 90%).  They think it is because his breathing has slowed down and his lungs may still have a little fluid left in them.  If he goes for a day without any spells then he will be able to come home.

There is some good news, in the past day he has

  • passed his car seat test.
  • recovered from his “spells” without intervention or stimulation.
  • started attempting to breast feed with encouraging results

We’re praying he will come home very soon and that his lungs will heal completely.

(Sorry no picture this time. I’m going to go take a nap instead.)

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Home without Eli

Just a quick update before I sleep for a couple hours. Kelli came home tonight after hanging out with Eli for a while. Walking into the house was a bittersweet experience. We were so happy to be out of the hospital, but we’re feeling incomplete. Honestly, we’re trying not to think about it to much. We really, really, really hope he can come home tomorrow.

Kelli is tired, sore and has elephant legs.  Seriously, her feet have almost doubled in size because of all the IV fluids and left over baby fluids that are trying to find a new home.  Between pumping every two hours, feeding Eli every three hours and spending as much time with him as possible, it has been hard to get her feet up.  She’s hoping to do more of this at home.  In fact, she is trying to sleep right next to me while I’m typing this, so I probably shouldn’t keep her up any longer.

Here is my favorite photo of Kelli and Eli so far, they look so happy. Eli is sporting his new look, sans gavage tube and oxygen tube.

Eli with a happy mommy

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Breathing Count Update

Eli has been rapidly improving over the past 24 hours!  In the past day he has:

  • been taken off oxygen.
  • started eating from a bottle.
  • slowed his breathing down to 60-80 times per minute (40-60 is normal).
  • graduated to a normal bassinet.

I don’t have any newer pictures off my camera, but here is one of him just 30 minutes old.  He wasn’t very happy with all the bright lights, but it was good to hear him cry.  I’m sure it won’t always been good to hear him cry, but at this point I was loving it.

Eli a few minutes old.

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Welcome Elias

As some of you may have seen from our friends comments, Elias Edward Lenz was officially born on Earth Day, April 22nd, 2007 at 8:42pm.  Kelli worked so freaking hard but even after 40 hours of laboring, she was laughing at how absurdly long it was taking.  He ended up being 9lbs 2oz, 20.5″ and has a huge head.  Kelli is so amazing, she was so strong and had a great attitude.  She had been praying for him to be born on earth day, but all day on the 21st she was trying to remind God that this isn’t what she meant… be careful what you pray for.

Kelli is recovering and will probably be able to come home tomorrow.  She is walking a little bit and did get to go see Eli earlier today, which was awesome.

Eli is still in the NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit).  He is doing well, but still breathing around 100 times a minute.  He just managed to go off of oxygen a few hours ago and he is doing great.  There are times when his breathing does go down to the normal levels, but the averages are still pretty high.  I have been spending lots of time with him and even get to feed him through his gavage tube.

Kelli’s mom is staying with her this afternoon so I can come home and get some rest.

Here is Kelli feeding Eli for the first time. She was so excited to be able to hang out with him for a while.

Mom holding Eli at last.

Here we are hanging out together in the NICU.

Eli with Dad rocking in the NICU

Here is Eli’s temporary home.  They may move him over to a normal bassinet very soon, but this is where he spent his first two days on earth.

Eli’s temporary home

Overall, he has been very calm.  He looks around at everything and recognizes my voice, or at least looks at me when I talk to him.  I’ve been loving the time we’ve spent together, but have been sad that he hasn’t been able to hang out with his Mommy very much.

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Early labour?

Kelli had been having contractions through the night,  light ones and very erratic.  They could have been braxton-hicks contractions but we weren’t sure.  She slept well, but she kept dreaming that she was having contractions!

At around 5:00am we think her bag of waters broke.  Contractions started coming every 4 or 5 minutes pretty soon after that.   Each contraction is roughly 30 seconds and Kelli is doing very well. I’m running around getting stuff ready just in case this is it for sure.

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