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The Pig Roast

My family has been gathering at our family’s farm for a Memorial day celebration (aka party) for the past 30+ years. It started when my parents generation would drive up from Chicago to camp, drink lots of beer and take part in activities that I hear were popular in the 60’s.

A few years ago one of us suggested roasting a pig. Uncle Chris and others thought it was a great idea, so we did it.

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First smile?!?

Eli holding on to dad’s pocketThis morning I walked up to Eli in his crib and started rubbing his tummy and talking to him. After a few seconds he looked up at me and a huge smile spread across his face. Wow, what an amazing experience. I went and excitedly told a sleeping Kelli about it.  I’m pretty sure it wasn’t a gas smile because it didn’t come with the associated sounds of gas escaping from his system. It was fleeting and I didn’t have a camera ready, but hopefully soon you will all get to see a big grin.

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Our little tree hugger

In celebration of Eli’s birthday on Earth day, the Lenzes are starting a new family tradition. We will plant a tree every year on his birthday. Since we were all a little busy on 4/22nd this year, we decided to wait until Memorial day. Here are photo’s of us planting Eli’s first tree.

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Eli, you are 1 month old.

Here you are just hours old, tucked safely inside the NICU at St. Mary’s.

Less than one day old

Here you are just a couple days ago.  (Daddy didn’t want to wake you up this morning on his way to work, so I uploaded this picture instead.)

Frog’s are cool

Isn’t the hat adorable?  Thanks Uncle Larry and Aunt Carol!

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Week number 4

This was our first “normal” week as a family since Elias joined us. Kelli and Eli have been hanging out at home while I go off work so we can pay the bills. It has been a little harder than we expected. I think we had it easy the first few weeks.

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Happy 1st Mother’s Day!

Eli with his Momma

Today we are celebrating by getting out of the house for a couple hours. Our neighbors have agreed to watch Eli while we go see Spiderman 3. Kelli really likes comic book movies, she is kind of geeky like that. (Which is just fine with Eli and me.)

Which reminds me of a funny dilemma. What do Kelli and I call each other from now on? I really don’t like the idea of referring to Kelli as “Momma” unless I am referring to her from Eli’s perspective. It just gets confusing sometimes. Kelli is my wife and she is Eli’s Mommy (or Mom or Momma or Mama).

Anyway, happy Mother’s day!

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New feature at

I have a few random interests that are not exactly related to my family.  From time to time I get the itch to post about these hobbies.  In the past I had a separate blog, but I don’t post often enough.   I decided to create a separate column for my random posts.  For the RSS subscribers out there, the posts will show up in the RSS feed, but they will not show up in the main column of the site.

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Rigatoni with grilled Sausage and Veggies

I wrote this post on Friday, April 20th, right before Kelli went into labor. She had a few contractions earlier in the evening, but we weren’t sure if things would really start. This ended up being our last meal as just the two of us. Unless you count all those strawberry jell-o cups and ice chips as a meal.

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Ann Boyd is our hero!

On my last post, Ann Boyd commented, “Lucy went through a growth spurt around two weeks old that totally freaked me out, she was hungry *constantly*.”

This got me thinking…”Is Eli having a growth spurt?”

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Wow, what’s that!

… and what is it doing above my crib?

Eli checking out the mobile.

Grandma Kate sent Eli this mobile to hang directly over his crib.  It is designed to change as he grows, with different types of shapes for different ages.  Plus it has a remote control!  Eli thinks it is kind of interesting, but has preferred to stare at momma’s boobs lately.   Which, if I do say so myself, are just as stimulating.

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