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We have an excuse!

… for not posting very often. We hope most of you already know. I’m leaving InterVarsity and we’re moving! We will be moving to Viroqua, WI and I will be working for Organic Valley.

Eli can’t understand why we are putting ourselves through this process with a 2 month old.

Perplexed Elias

After some coaxing (ridiculously goofy noises), he seems happy with the decision…

Happy Eli

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Happy Father’s Day

Eli with his dad

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Sleeping through the night!

Hallelujah!  Friday night Eli slept for 7.5 hrs.!  We had purchased some hemp inserts for him to wear in his cloth diapers over night – in hopes that it would make him less uncomfortable and keep him sleeping.  Well, it worked!  Ironically, despite Eli’s long rest, mom and dad got even less sleep than normal.  We were waking up almost every hour after 3:00 am, in disbelief that Eli really was still asleep.   In fact, I got up just to make sure he was breathing (as there was no noise coming from the monitor).  I felt his little belly rise and fall – but it wasn’t a heavy breathing.  Thus, minutes after returning to bed, I doubted what I had just felt and went back to make sure Eli was still breathing.  He was.  Then, I doubted again…this time, sending Nathan to check in case I was just telling myself what I wanted to hear.  And yes, Nathan returned with the same report.

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