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Fussy, Frustrated Eli

He may be fussy, but he sure does make funny noises when he’s frustrated!

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Our 1st Showing and Open House

So, the showing went well, although, they aren’t “pursuing the property” (as our realtor put it).  We got rave reviews for “good condition” but the folks wanted a deck (so do we) and wanted the 2nd bedroom upstairs.  We’re afraid that 2nd bedroom issue may be a problem.  We figured our home would be perfect for an older couple/single person.  They wouldn’t even have to go downstairs.  The downstairs “spare” bedroom & bathroom are perfect for a little guest area, i.e. The grandkids.  So, our disappointment is that the people who looked at our home at the last showing were an older couple looking to downsize.  Bummer.

Our open house is today from 1-3.  We spent all of yesterday preparing for it.  I did laundry (always doing laundry) and dusted the nice thick layer of dry-wall dust that’s been spread all over the house.  It occured to us, too late, that the last time we dry-walled we’d put plastic up over the doorways downstairs to minimize the white clouded mess.  I also managed to go through our master bathroom storage closet, drawers and cabinet to toss old/unused stuff and organize.  I must say that our tiny little bathroom closet looks mighty tidy now.  The next project, to come after today’s open house, is the master bedroom closet.  It’s been started but not completed.

Later last night, after putting Eli down, Nathan and I worked on the spare bedroom.  He’d finished dry-walling a shelf that was built into the wall.  He’d just finished sanding and we decided we were too close to “done” to quit now.  We wanted it to be finished for the open house.  So, I put on a new pot of coffee.  We tried our hand at rolling on wall texture.  After 3 experiments, (a “texture rolling sponge” – later realized to be used to create a “textured” stucco-like look on the wall – not to apply texture paint, then bathroom sponges dabbed around like stenciling – worked well but took forever!, then finally a normal painting roller – like magic!)  We finished by midnight.  Showers all around,  a little bed time snack & a nice slathering of Icy-Hot took us to 1 am.  It felt like college again.  We then decided we should just go ahead and get Eli up for a feeding so he wouldn’t wake us up later.  He probably doesn’t even remember it.  He hardly opened his eyes through the entire feeding.  We got to bed around 1:30.  9:30 came very early for me this morning – zombie walking straight to the coffee pot.

So, this morning, we’ll just need a little dusting and vacuuming to put us at “ready” and then off to the Art Fair on the Square in this gorgeous weather to excite our senses!  (It’s Eli’s first Art Fair.  I’m very proud!) ;)

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The long awaited Eli pictures

Emily & Eli

In June my mom and sister came to visit. This is a hilarious photo that my mom snapped of Emily (my sis) & Eli.

July 4th Hollyhock Fam photo

Here we are on July 4th, at the farm, in front of the Hollyhocks – an annual tradition.

Eli & Leah

Our friends Bekah & Chad & their 2 girls, Melody (2) and Leah (8 mos.) came to visit us a little over a week ago. It was fun to see Eli and Leah together. As you can see, Leah was more aware of Eli than Eli was aware of Leah. However, at times, Eli found her intriguing.

Eli & Leah Mobile watching

Here they are enjoying one of Eli’s favorite past-times, Mobile Watching.

Eli Smile blurr

We finally got a shot of Eli’s new precious smile! Even though it’s blurry, he’s still a cute-pie & we had to share it with you all. We’ve been trying to capture it for weeks!

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Emaculate Living

It should be it’s own magazine, like Martha Stewart Living or Southern Living, or even Coastal or Cottage Living.  I’m sure there’s more but I’ve not heard of Emaculate Living.  It’s unfortunate because I’m sure a lot of home sellers could use a tool like this with helpful hints on how to live in a house and not have to constantly be cleaning.  I’m sure there’s some creative ideas that I’ve not thought of.

Nathan got to come home early!  He arrived last night just in time to spend some hours with my grandparents, dad and Leilani.  We all had a good time!  They are the last of our visitors until mid-August.  So I expect our pace to slow down a bit, at least after noon today.  Yesterday morning we schedule a meeting with our realtor, home picture taking, and a showing, all to take place this morning before noon.  My family was a great help in keeping the house clean.  I would bark out things that needed to get done as I ran to get a quick shower before we went out for the day.  And Nathan has come home just in time to be a huge help in getting us ready for our first showing.  We’d appreciate your prayers, that this would be the first and last showing!  That’s a bold prayer but I believe it can be done.  I’m getting to the point where I’m not able to rest here now.  I’m always thinking of what needs to be done to make the house perfect and sleeping in isn’t an option, even if Eli’s sound asleep.  We never know when we might get that phone call with only an hours notice before a scheduled showing.  So, being able to find a new place to live in Viroqua is now sounding very inviting (although we don’t want to leave our friends here in Madison).  My grandma described it like “standing on one foot”.  I thought that was a perfect simile.

Well, I should get some coffee and get to work on tidying up.  We’ll keep you posted and post some more Eli pics soon…when things slow down after noon today. :)

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Second day on the job

I just finished up my second day here at Organic Valley. So far so good! Here are some highlights:

My cubical is about 10 feet from a large window, and I can see outside. There are lots of really big house plants throughout the cube quad which help give it a really nice feeling. The coffee is great (and free). The cafeteria is very good and cheap. This afternoon they put out a plate of veggies and fruit for everyone to snack on. I have to think that I’ll eat better here than at InterVarsity. Not that InterVarsity didn’t have it’s food perks, but they tended to be really bad for you.

So far, all I have done is sit through orientation and fill out lots of HR paperwork. I spent the afternoon reading about Typo3 and getting used to the OS X environment. My MacBook Pro isn’t here yet, but it should be soon!

I’m missing Kelli and Eli tons. I can’t wait to get home to them. It looks like telecommuting won’t be a problem. My teammates tend to keep weird hours and work from home a lot. Three more days until I get to go home!

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