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“Houston, we have internet”

We are here!  Yippee!  There’s so much to say it’s hard to know where to start.

Nathan’s parents and grandma came up to Madison to help us move.  Nathan and his dad loaded the 26′ and 17′ trucks almost entirely on their own!  We are so grateful to them for driving 10 hrs. to help us.  We couldn’t have done it without them – for real.
Friday was a hard day and a blessed day.  The closing of our previous house was less than smooth.  I won’t go into details because I’m working and praying to move past it.  Time is healing.  When we arrived in Viroqua to move into our new house, the previous owners weren’t out and they asked if we’d be willing to stay in a motel that night.  After the day we had already had, Nathan graciously said no.  After the closing on the new house, the previous owners moved out their remaining pieces while we began to move in.  Everyone was very understanding and gracious and it was obvious that Viroqua has a different culture than Madison.  We are glad to be here.

God has met us and prepared a place for us.  Friday evening, we unloaded both trucks in 4 hours.  Our friends Rebekah and Eric fed everyone with wonderful pizza and fresh salad from the farmer’s market or co-op.  They also invited a couple to come and help us unload.  We had never met Andrea and Eric before but they worked hard to get us moved in and settled.  Eric was sweating in the 40 degree temp. and never stopped to have a bite to eat!  They also brought us a house warming gift…bread so that we would never know hunger, salt that we would never know poverty and lots and lots of chocolate!  Grace abounds!   There’s more to tell but too much to write in a blog.  If you want details you can email us. :)

We LOVE our new home!  This little 50’s ranch is cozy and feels right.  We still have random boxes here and there but things are finding their place fairly quickly.  Eli is doing well and has adjusted as well as we could have asked for…almost as if there were not transition.  He’s sleeping well in his new room and continues to giggle when we wash his feet during his bath. :)

I believe things are going well for Nathan at the office too.  He can expand on this subject if he’d like.  I’ve not heard any complaints so far. :)

We do have lots of house projects that Nathan has already begun.  We have to switch from a fuse box to a breaker box in the next 30 days in order for our home insurance to cover us.  Also, there’s a minor issue with the dishwasher that Nathan is trying to fix.  He has to put a new vent on the dryer.  The roof needs replacing and he hopes to get that completed with my step-dad when my parents visit mid-October.  Also, we have to re-grade the yard.  So, lots of work but not as many major issues as most of the houses we looked at.

We have beautiful trees in our yard!  Something I’d been missing at our house in Madison.  Yesterday I took a nap and fell asleep listening to the leaves rustle in the breeze.   Aaahhhh!

Our next social projects are to find doctors and a church.  I also want to take advantage of the local Wellness Center discount for Organic Valley employees (and families?).  Our friend Rebekah teaches a kick-boxing class as well as a body pump-type class.  Also, there’s a baby swimming class that would be fun to take with Eli. :)

So, the honeymoon stage has begun here for us.  We recognize it will have to come to an end someday but we are basking in it’s warmth while we can…like the ever waning daylight.

Love to you all!  Psst….come and visit us. :)

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Our realtor (who is fabulous, by the way) is on vacation and thought she had called us already.  The financing came through and we should be getting the commitment letter anytime today.  I’m such a Nervous Nellie!  Just ready to be done with this whole thing! :)

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Please pray!

Today is the deadline for our buyers to have financing approved. We’ve not heard anything from them yet. The bank assessor came over yesterday morning which we think is a good sign. However, the closing date is fast approaching and I’m pacing the house like a nervous mother cat. Please pray with us that our buyer’s financing will come through and come through quickly…today even. Also, pray for our little family to have peace, as we are under a lot of stress. We’ve handled it well thus far but my worrying & pacing is about to drive Nathan up the wall. We look forward to finally being settled and were just saying today that we are excited to be able to cook breakfast again – like we used before the whole moving/packing thing. If our buyer’s financing falls through, we’re back to square 1 and a long way away from being settled. Love to you all.