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For those of you who could care less about our thoughts and only want to see Eli pictures (you know you’re out there) here’s a more recent picture of him.  We think he looks like cousin Claude in this photo.  Do you think so?

Eli’s impression of cousin Claude

For Thanksgiving I made a Carrot Cake.  I got the recipe from  Click here for the recipe.  I followed the following recipe adjustments from the most recent reviewer.

They include:

1) using 1 cup brown sugar and 1 cup white sugar

2) adding an extra teaspoon of vanilla extract

3) adding 1 8oz. can of crushed pineapple, drained

4) Added 1/4 teaspoon of nutmeg

5) added 1 extra teaspoon of cinnamon

6) used 3/4 cup canola oil and 1/2 cup applesauce.

7) shredded the carrot in my food processor using the cheese grating piece to keep it from getting juicy.

Finally, I was able to introduce the Lenz family to the infamous Creme Brulee French Toast recipe from  Click here for that recipe.  If my parents and siblings are up for it, maybe we could have this for Christmas morning in addition, of course, to Chuck’s Sara Lee Coffee Cakes (a long time tradition).

Ok, that’s all.

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7 mos. update

On Thanksgiving, Eli turned 7 mos. We are in disbelief. At 3 mos. we looked ahead and could barely imagine October coming when Eli would turn 6 mos. That’s as far forward as we could fathom. Now that he’s 7 mos., it feels as if he will be a year old as soon as tomorrow.

Early last week, a day or so before our T-day trip to Nathan’s parents in So. Illionois, Eli rolled from tummy to back for the first time. I nearly missed the momentous occasion since it happened so quickly. I had put him down for “tummy time”, gone into the kitchen for a short task and returned to the living room just in time to see him push, reach and tip the balance of his body to land on his back. Eureka! He’s got it! I’d been a little worried because he’s been rolling from back to front for several months and had not shown any interest to roll the other way. Now, he’s getting quite mobile. Often, we leave the room for a mere minute and come back to find him completely topsy-turvy from the way we laid him down.

Also in Eli news, he’s been babbling, which has replaced his giggle as my most favorite sound in the world. He says, “gdaaa-gdaaa-gda-gda-gda” (the “g” is mostly silent). Although he hasn’t quite associated Nathan with “dah-dah”, we both still melt and smile when he talks to us.

After Eli’s night wakings, several weeks ago, I desperately ordered the book Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child by Marc Weissbluth, M.D.   The book had been recommended to me by several friends but I’d put off reading it because of the move.  Though, I’ve only made it through less than 10 chapters, it has made a huge difference in Eli’s sleeping.   The first night after receiving the book, Eli slept through the whole night without waking up.  He’s done so ever since, except for when we were visiting family for Thanksgiving and he wasn’t getting his proper naps.  Today, since he’s gotten back on his sleep schedule, he’s not been awake for more than a 1.5 hr. span.  He’s a very tired little boy.  But in general, when getting the sleep he needs, he’s much more jovial, inquisitive and able to focus more consistently.

Yesterday morning, a fresh and friendly Eli grabbed my hand and shoved my fingers in his mouth for a good couple of chomps.  I felt a tooth!  Just breaking the gum line.  It’s his first and it is the front left tooth.  Finger chewing will be more painful and less frequent in the days to come.

Today officially opens the Christmas season for the Lenz family.  Though Eli and I have been “closet” early Christmas celebrators these last 2 weeks, listening to Christmas music while dad is at work.  After Thanksgiving, I’m allowed to put up the Christmas tree and openly listen to Christmas music without complaint from Nathan – though it takes focus for him to hide his displeasure.  I think we’ve come to a very good compromise on Christmas tradition by postponing open Christmas celebration till after Thanksgiving, celebrating with an Advent wreath and evening scripture readings and capping gift giving expectations as well as giving to those who actually are in need.  It allows us to fully enjoy the season in all it’s aspects without letting it over-run our lives too much.  And in my opinion, it’s not the season or the holiday itself but the media, marketing & general greediness (which occurs not only during Christmas but year-round) that causes the problem.

So with that I close and wish you all a Merry early Christmas season.  I’m going to put up the tree and listen to a little Bing Crosby, Diana Krall & Vince Guaraldi (Charlie Brown Christmas) Christmas music.

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You know you’re a mom when…

Mom & Eli, Cutiesaurus

I know I’ve officially made “mom status” because I use either, Oxyclean, Spray ‘n Wash, or Bleach Pen at least once a day. I’m surprised that the Spray ‘n Wash is still working since Nathan had it when we got married!

Sometimes I think I got my “stubborn, loud, 2nd child” first. It seems that Eli is 6 mos. going on 2 yrs. Eli has learned that if he yells and cries loud enough, we’re eventually gonna break down and give him what he wants – especially when he doesn’t want to go to sleep – which is most of the time now. Hmmmm… this is what I always vowed not to do as a parent. But how do you teach a 6 mos. old that he can’t always have what he wants even if he screams for [what seems like] hours? I’m pretty sure it’s not conscious, just behavioral. Like Pavlov’s dog who was quickly trained to expect food at the sound of the bell, Eli yells louder the longer it takes us to attend to him because he knows it provokes parental action. Apparently we hadn’t heard the first 5 minutes of yelling at 3 am. Mom loses “it” a lot easier now. She prays for patience a lot more now, too and wonders how she’ll ever be able to handle more than one child at once.

I also have random moments, like last night (despite Eli’s waking up at 4:00, 2:00 & 3:00 am the last 3 nights) when I am laying in bed trying to fall asleep and I miss Eli. I think that what I really miss is watching or holding him while he sleeps. Just a month ago, Eli would still fall asleep during his pre “night-night” feeding, and I would ever so gently put him in his crib and he’d sleep the rest of the night. Now, when he gets really sleepy during those feedings, he just pushes with his feet and arches his back (spilling milk all over his face) to take in the surrounding room upside-down!

As Eli grows and grows (he’s 95% in head circumference, length & weight), I find myself having more and more sentimental “mom” moments now. We bought Eli a big-boy carseat, the Evenflo Triumph, because I could barely carry him around in his infant seat anymore. We put the infant seat up in the attic and I almost cried. Also, I’m putting “too small” clothes away on an almost weekly basis these days. The practical side of me hopes we have another boy to wear these almost new clothes. But the frivolous part of me wants a girl next so that we can add some pink to our lives and use one of the many girl names that I love! ha ha! Then the other practical side of me says, “Why are you thinking about another kid, already! You’re crazy!”. It’s true, I’m crazy. But at this point, it’s just a “maybe someday” in my head. Nothing more.

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