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Phone situation continued…

Here’s the new phone situation.  We now have one cell phone between Nathan and I.  The phone has my phone number.  Nathan’s phone number no longer exists.  So don’t call that number.  Call my number.  During the week, or when we are apart, Nathan will use his work cell phone.  Questions?  Call/email me or Nathan.  Thanks!

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Lost cell phone

So, I lost my cell phone on Saturday between leaving the house (it was clipped to my bag) and returning home from Total Pump (a.k.a. Body Pump) class that morning.  No one has turned it in to the Wellness Center desk.  I’m afraid I dropped it on the way to/from my car in the snow.  By the time I realized it was gone, we’d already gotten 3-4 more inches of snow and about a foot total on the ground when the storm was over.  We expect, however, that if it really were in the snow somewhere, I wouldn’t be able to call it and hear it ring several times before getting my answering system.  The battery would be dead.  Hmmmm…perplexing.  I suppose someone could have picked it up and plan to use it for themselves.  But, we’ve verified that no calls have been made from it since it’s disappearance.  What is likely – it’s on vibrate and in the car somewhere but we can’t hear it when we call.  As soon as I get another it will re-appear as if it has returned from vacation; never venturing too far and always expecting to return to it’s old position – only to find that it’s been replaced by a new model.

Thus being the case, if I had your phone number before, I no longer have it.  I believe I will have a back up system for keeping track of phone numbers from now on.   If you want me to have your phone number, I expect you have my email address and can email me your number again.  If you don’t have my email address, you can call Nathan’s number.

If you’re a lurking internet stranger, I don’t want your phone number nor do I want you to have my email address so that’s that.   Boo!  Go away!