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Eli finds the Ficus…

…and so it begins…

Eli finds the Ficus

…(have to put protectors on that outlet too!)

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Duck Pj’s

“Excuse me?  I have what on my pajamas?”
Yesterday, Eli pulled out his Army crawl (a.k.a Alligator crawl or Lizard crawl).  Hopefully this gives you a mental picture of what is taking place.  When Nathan saw Eli’s new moves this morning he was convinced that he was crawling.  However, I disagree.  While he definitely moves forward in pursuit of something (i.e. his bottle, or Gramma Vickie’s Valentine’s card with a red monkey on it), he’s still on his belly – yet, moving his legs and arms in a crawling way.  So, we’ve decided to award 2 prizes.  First goes to Neil and Magda for their guess on Monday the 18th, closest to yesterday.  We will then also award a second prize to whoever guessed the closest date to when Eli crawls up on hands and knees (belly off the floor).  This could be soon since he’s been intermittently pulling up on all fours.  So, those of you who’s dates haven’t passed, there is still hope.

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Happy Valentines Day, I think…

BIG hug

In celebration of Valentine’s day, one of my favorite photos of our engagement. I love you, honey!

First things first: Sorry Young, no crawling yesterday. But you still have hope if Eli can carry off a crawl next Friday, the 22nd, your birthday and Eli’s 10 mos. birthday. That would be momentous, huh? AND, you can share in the spoils with your hubby. We shall see….

Hope you all had a happy Valentines day. Ours was eventful. We woke up to snow! Shocker. But it didn’t stop until around 4 or 4:30 pm. Snowing buckets – and I had to get out in it for an 8 am eye doctor appt. The first in several years for me. I’m hoping to get back into my contacts since Eli has become very fascinated with my glasses. He’s bound to break them in a cat-like-reflex snag from my face. At the doc’s I got my eyes dilated for the first time. That was a treat. Even though I was wearing contacts, my vision was far sighted (able to see far away but not up close) and not near sighted (able to see up close but not far away) like normal. Felt like I needed bifocals. Then I had to wear those dorky “shades” out in the snow – though the sun was no where to be seen the snow was bright enough. I imagine that’s what it’s like to have a hang-over.

Random thought: My eye doctor’s name is Dr. Purdue but for some reason I kept thinking of him as Dr. Rupert. I expect because it’s sort of a phonics scramble. So, I decided that if my last name had happened to be Purdue, I would have named my child Rupert…Rupert Purdue. Any Purdue’s out there? – feel free to steal my idea.

On top of that, I’ve been fighting an unknown sickness for the last couple of days, running a low-grade temp. on and off. The weirdest thing was that I had the sweats like crazy! It was like the night sweats I had the first 2 weeks after Eli was born. I couldn’t wait to get inside the Dr. office to take off my coat. I’m sure folks thought I was crazy. I was starting to wonder too.

The afternoon and evening got better. I felt better after Eli and I napped and my eyes went back to normal. Eli went to bed in his skiing bear p.j.’s – just arrived for the holiday from Gramma (Thanks Gramma!)- and Nathan made a fabulous off the cuff Bolognese sauce with bow tie pasta (hey, just cause we were wearing flannel and sweats didn’t mean our pasta couldn’t be formal). We had a great conversation about nothing important that eventually lead to dreaming about warm weather and planting things and rain (instead of snow), etc. We are a little single minded these days.

One last thought. This was my favorite “ah-ha” moment yesterday… Prepositions and Serving One Another. I don’t have any particular comments on the subject except that I would never have put grammar together with Christianity to make a lesson on life-style but I’m so glad that someone was clever enough to. (Coincidentally, I do realize that ending a sentence with a preposition – like I just did – is improper grammar but oh well.)


Foreshadowing & Prizes

I’ve had an inkling that Eli would be stubborn – once he figured out how.  After today, I’m convinced.  It seems that as soon as I publicly expressed my concern that he will not be crawling soon, he’s been determined to prove me wrong.  This afternoon, Nathan and I sat on the couch and watched in disbelief as Eli continually came up on all fours completely on his own accord.  We sat with abated breath anticipating that he’d curl up one leg and take off at any moment!  Well, he didn’t take off but continued his “practicing” for several hours on the carpeted floor as content as ever.

This fun afternoon came after a crazy morning of bi-polar expression!  He woke up on the wrong side of the bed and hungry as a bear!  He worked himself up into quite the tizzy…mom and dad no longer needed coffee, they were very awake from all the screaming!  Once I got a couple bites in him, he gave Nathan the biggest and most innocent smile – as if nothing had been wrong.  We believe that what made this morning and extra cranky morning is the fact that he’s teething.  We’ve noticed him chewing like a puppy on the bottle nipples instead of drinking.  So I dared to stick my finger in to see what I could find.  Sure enough, just to the right of his front tooth his gum is puffy and swollen.  He’s getting another tooth!  He’ll be all teeth by his first birthday!  We’ll have to up the teeth brushing a notch (more than every once in a while when mom remembers).

So, we wanna play a little game.  Leave a comment and claim the date when you think Eli will crawl.  The winner gets some of Nathan’s home roasted coffee!  If you don’t drink coffee, we’ll work out another “prize”. :) (hint-hint: another type of beverage, perhaps?)

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“Think Christian?”

In the recent months, I’ve found several blogs that I love to read. For a while I’ve wanted to post about them in order to share with you the thoughts that are debated in my head, our household and in these blog communities. It may be that some of you have been instrumental in referring these blogs to us in the first place. For those of you who are new to these blogs, I encourage you to take a read every once in a while if you’re needing some “mental candy”.

The first blog I recommend is Think Christian, this post in particular: Calling it a Spade. I particularly like comment #8. Some of you InterVarsity NSC folks may find essence of the “defining what we are” process …a business, a ministry, the church, etc.

The second blog is not as much deep questions but deep inspiration. :) I say that with a smirk because the blog is It’s completely devoted to tips, projects, products re: organization. It inspires me, though you wouldn’t always be able to tell from my housekeeping.  It is also highlighted in March’s RealSimple magazine.

The third blog is political. I’m a new reader. However, the posts I’ve read so far surround themes that are worth discussing, in my opinion. The blog belongs to Keli Goff. I heard her on an NPR Ideas network program and was impressed with her. She recently authored a book called,
Party Crashing: How the Hip-Hop Generation Declared Political Independence, which I have not read yet.

Eli is screaming…so I must close.

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Solely devoted to Eli (9 mos. old)

Of course, when I sit down to write a post of all Eli’s accomplishments, half of them fly out of my head, leaving me with a blank stare.

bath time

First of all, you all are probably wondering if he’s mobile yet. Well, not quite. He’s not crawling…not even close. He’s a pro at rolling & belly pivoting and that’s enough for him at this point. He sits up like a pro too, rarely losing balance and falling back. However, he doesn’t attempt to go from a sitting position to a laying position. We’ve tried to practice crawling. He’s gotten up on all fours a couple of times on his own and even done a little rocking back and forth but it’s only happened once or twice. I was starting to worry about his delay but some of our friends from church told us one of their boys (similarly sized to Eli’s proportions) didn’t crawl until 12 mos. and then started walking at 13. Also, after our crawl-practice sessions, I’ve realized that Eli just doesn’t feel secure when he’s on all fours. He’s quick to spread-eagle and get back on his tummy where he belongs. I expect it has to do with his head size. It’s more proportionate than it used to be but it’s still big and being on all fours creates a less stable balance between his bottom half and top half.

Eli does have an instinct that he should be able to move on his own. He pushes up as far as his arms will reach and wiggles his legs in the air behind him with lots of concentrated squeals. He’s frustrated that he’s not going anywhere with his efforts. That, however, has not stopped him from getting to where he wants to go. His new strategy is to fuss or flirt his way into moms arms where he instantly begins pointing across the room at all the things he wants to explore. I’ve already become the chauffeur.


Nathan wanted to capture Eli’s frustration at not being able to crawl. Poor baby.

His first word, I’m quite convinced, was “stinky”. I was changing his diaper and for obvious reasons said “stinky” several times. 3 seconds later, “ssss-gee-gee”. I’m not exaggerating. I stopped to stare at him in disbelief, mid-diaper change. He’s only said it a couple times since and I’m sure he doesn’t know what he said.

Other new things for Eli include….

  • He has 4 teeth. They’ve been coming in one right after another.
  • We also like to play ball, rolling the ball back and forth to each other. Loads of fun for about 5 minutes.
  • He’s also been clapping – randomly. Still, a good skill to have. :)
  • A couple practice sessions of feeding himself. He’s managed to get the right end of the spoon in his mouth. Now we have to work on getting some food on the spoon.

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I know-I know, we suck…

*Captain Obvious* – “We are not doing so well on keeping up with the blog posts.” We’ve been scolded by many of you. Sometimes that inspires action but sometimes not.

Eli sporting his camo fleece

Here are my boys all matchy-matchy. Eli is sporting the fleece camo set he got for Christmas. His hair isn’t red. It just appears that way in photos. His hair is like “The Horse of Many Colors” in the Wizard of Oz. We have no idea how to explain it. It’s a different color in every situation.

We’ve hit the mid-winter “blah”/depression. We are fine and surviving but little things like showering and eating have become so mundane and life-less why bother. Well, I’m speaking for myself. Nathan showers every morning before work – although, rumor has it, if he didn’t shower for days and days, it wouldn’t be noticed by the majority at Organic Valley. Hmmm…
In my imagination, “the perfect day” consists of the 3 of us (Eli in the Ergo on Nathan’s back) hiking through the woods full of green, comfortably wearing shorts and just going as far as our legs will take us. Also, thoughts of trees budding and growing leaves, Eli in the toddler swing laughing – sun is shining, etc.-etc… Eating lots and lots of fresh veggies and salads and having the window open with a nice breeze….oh spring where are you!?

Though the winter is depressing, we’ve had lots of activity otherwise. We think we’ve finally found a church! Hooray! We really were needing to find a Christian community here for fellowship and encouragement. It’s Grace Evangelical Free church. Nathan and the pastor have already been in a deep theological discussion. I know it’s encouraging and refreshing for Nathan to have someone to “delve in” with him in that aspect. Eli and I have also been attending a “playgroup” on Tuesday mornings with moms and kids from the church. It’s a breath of fresh air to hang out with moms and kids and feel free to talk about babies for 2 hrs.! and not feel like I’m boring anyone.

In addition, I’ve been attending 2 Step Aerobic classes and a Body Pump (weight training) class each week. It looks like I will also be teaching the Body Pump class this next month b/c the instructor is moving and no one else will teach the class. I have never been so “into” working out before. I know it has a lot to do with me being able to get out of the house and hang with other women and challenge myself. I’ve seen some physical results and that’s exciting. The most exciting though is that for the first time in my life I enjoy working out. It always seemed like a chore in the past. I’m not sure why this is. My loose theory is that after labor, I need some “pain” every once in a while…like eyebrow waxing. My first wax, the salon ladies were all marveling that I didn’t even flinch. I told them, “I had a 51 hr. labor”.

Nathan is in full gear of making breads, pizza, & coffee. He bought a $15 pop-corn popper with Christmas money and roasts our own coffee from green coffee beans purchased on the internet. It’s pretty good stuff and in the long run saves money. Green coffee beans run $3-$4 a lb. instead of already roasted beans running $6-$7 a lb. Yes, our coffee is probably more of a priority to us than it should be. For those who are interested, I’ll have Nathan post a more in depth description of his coffee roasting hobby in a future post.

Nathan has also been working very hard. I wish I knew enough to explain what his work projects have been this last month or so. I’ve only heard the jargon and know a thin layer of what it all means. One thing I do know, he just got to update his work Mac book pro with the new OS operating system..(did I get that right, honey?). He was very excited to show me all the cool features. It is cool!

You’re all dieing to know about Eli. I will post another full post solely devoted to him in just a moment – so as to not make this current post any longer than it’s already gotten.

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