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Happy Earth Day!

This was the greeting I received when our friends Eric and Rebekah arrived for the party. That was the only “Earth Day” greeting we’d received all day! I’m so glad that Eli was born on Earth day since it’s always been one of my favorite holidays. We still plan to continue the tree planting tradition that we started for Eli’s birthday last year. However, we haven’t picked out a tree yet and we will probably plant the tree at the farm again during Memorial weekend. Eli should be able to help us a little more this time. :) We look forward to it.

As for usual birthday traditions, we had all of those yesterday. I stayed up till Midnight the night before making cupcakes for playgroup yesterday morning. After remembering to bring my camera and battery, I arrived and found out I forgot my memory card. So, I do have pictures but they are on my friend Deb’s camera. I’ll be sure to post those later (since the cupcakes took up about 5 hrs. of my life that I can never get back – they will be exhibited!). Unsolicited advice: Cupcakes are quite trendy right now. They look all cute and small and harmless. But be warned! It’s the unending project! You bake the cupcakes and once those are done a couple hrs. into the process, you still have to make the frosting and food color it and put it in the decorating bag and draw on the cupcakes, etc., etc.! It’s no small task. Cake decorating, I’m reminded everytime I embark on it, is not my creative outlet of choice.

At playgroup, we found out that Eli is allergic to the food coloring or more specifically, the dye that is in the food coloring. I’m glad that I was at playgroup when he decided to become allergic to something. I wouldn’t have even known what to think had caused the hives. The other more experienced mom’s knew thank goodness! He only attacked a few cupcakes, not ingesting any of it. But then scratched his head – a lot! It started turning red with little tiny bumps on it. We put hydrocortisone cream on it and gave him Benadryl and it cleared up before we even left playgroup. Whew.

After playgroup, Eli and I took some birthday celebration naps in order to be functioning for the big event later that evening. So here’s the run-down of that big event.

1 st time to use our front deck as a dining area/gathering place

1st time that Eli ever had pizza. He loved it! (just like his momma)

1st time that Eli ever had cake and icecream. He also loved that! (just like his momma). And we used the Birthday plate that Auntie Miracle made for him – AND we didn’t break it! woohoo!

1st time to play with is new water table. Though, he’d already played with a different water table on our trip to Berkeley. He did love his own water table just as well.

1st time opening birthday presents. (From grandma Vickie and grandpa Al – the Little Tikes Water Table, from grandma Kate and grandpa Chuck, the Parent’s Ready, Set, Go cars, from Rebekah and Eric, a free babysitting gift certificated redeemable till 2025!, from mom and dad the Little Tikes Toddler Swing and an infant pool and a sketch pad with crayons).

So, here are the pictures you’ve all been waiting for. We do have a 45 minute video (maybe longer?) that we have been trying to download to the computer. It crashed over night last night so we’ll try again tonight. The video technology has been a blessing and a curse. Easy to record but hard to transfer to computer to share with everyone. :(

Enjoy the photos! Wish you all could have been here to enjoy this milestone with us!

Eli’s birthday pj’s

Eli’s Birthday PJ’s, read: “10,000 lbs [big elephant] 200 lbs. [baby elephant] Elephants are very big! (even the small ones!)” These PJ’s were one of the many consignment shop deals I picked up in Berkeley!

1st Birthday Onesie Asterics on the bum

Eli in his “Birthday no. 1″ onesie. A handmade Momma Original, complete with asterisk’s on the bum. To make I used rubber stamps, a sponge brush and acrylic craft paint. I’ll let you know if it stays put after a machine wash.

The Birthday Tree

The Birthday Tree

Eat Cake!

First things, first

…more cake eating…

what a mess!

cake eating is serious business!

…this is serious business!

enjoying the swing

We took a spin on the swing this morning. We were only out there for 5 minutes and Eli almost fell asleep. All of us are tuckered out from so much celebrating!

Today, we are resting.

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Prepping for the party

Lots of projects to start and finish, cupcakes to make, presents to wrap, last minute errands to run – all in anticipation of Eli’s BIG #1 birthday (tomorrow)!  It’s true, I’m afraid that I am the most excited of the 3 of us.  Eli just doesn’t know what is about to hit him! :)  We’re not planning anything big but the first taste of icecream/cake alone should win him over.

We are so proud of him!  In the last couple weeks, he’s gone from baby to toddler.  He’s not walking yet but he’s pulling up on everything and anything that’s taller than himself.  He’s finally taken a couple crawls on all fours (hands and knees, off of his belly).  I’m fading out the pumping (whoohooo! 1 yr. of pumping is done!) and he’s working on a sippy cup and taking some formula and cows milk.  No allergies that we have seen.  He’s feeding himself cheerios and peas and giggling a lot.  There just aren’t many “baby-like” things about him anymore.  It’s sad but we are excited for each new day that brings new adventures and more opportunities to get to know the personality that is growing inside our little guy.

Stay tuned for birthday party exclusive footage!


playing peek-a-boo!


a warm day, some water and some dirt = lots of muddy fun!

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You’re welcome!

Eli and I did our best to bring the California sun back to the mid-west and as far as we can tell, we succeeded (you’re welcome)!  We had a bunch of daffodils blooming in our side yard to welcome us home on Sunday and the weather has been fabulously sunny and 60’s.  Tomorrow, I heard 70!  Can it be true?!!  We’ve been on a walk today and yesterday!  It’s been great!

Here are some of my favorite Berkeley photos that I promised.  We got some great ones!  If you want access to view the whole album, email me and I’ll send it to you.

View from the back seat

  Here’s the view from the back seat.

Enjoying the Water Table

Enjoying the water table…gotta get ones of these.  Eli loved this toy and is completely soaking wet if you can’t tell from the photo. 

4 at Dillon Beach

All 4 of us here at Dillon Beach – exploring tide pools and hoping the tide doesn’t come in too soon!

Starfish huddle and a goo-ball

Starfish huddle and a “goo-ball”. 

Orange starfish

“goo-ball” turned to sea anemone

“goo-ball” turned to sea anemone.  (This is what they look like under water).

Beach pals

Beach pals!

Ok, please recognize that I paired down the photo selection by A LOT!  So, gramma’s and others, there are a lot more pictures of Eli (and starfish!) in the album so email me if you wanna see ‘em.

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Warm again.

ThermostatThe draft inducer arrived yesterday and now my furnace is creating and distributing heat for me.  I now appreciate the ability flip a switch and turn a little knob to warm myself.   The alternative would be to cut wood, then chop it, then let it dry for a few years.  Then carry it into the house and start a fire in a wood stove (that I don’t have).  Then figure out a way to distribute the heat. It sounds romantic, but when a modern furnace is functioning, it just works and you don’t even have to think about it.  That is good technology in my opinion.


a quick report from sunny CA

Hello all!

Weather here has been super! Berkeley isn’t southern so it’s still a bit chilly at night and we’ve worn long sleeves the whole time but it’s green and gorgeous! We are really enjoying the Berkeley culture and our friends Miracle and Elsa. But we do miss dad. :)

Eli did well on the flight here. He didn’t cry at all and didn’t seem to have any problems with his ears. However, he also didn’t sleep. So, he fell asleep on the way to Miracle’s house from the airport and had a major melt-down when getting him out of the car to start our visiting time. He also peed on me for the first time in months when I changed his diaper. He and Elsa are getting along so well. I think they’re a little attached to each other now. They’ve been roommates these last 3 nights – going to sleep at the same time and not waking the other in the morning or middle of the night. Miracle and I are so proud of them!

This last week, Eli has been saying “hot” all the time. Everything is “hot”. So, it was funny when he pointed to Elsa yesterday and said “hot”. We all agree – she’s a beautiful girl.

Sunday we took it easy to help Eli get acclimated to the new time zone.

Monday we went to Headlands beach with some of Miracle’s mom friends who are super super nice and fun! One is expecting any day and the other has a 9 month old. The sand there is gray/black made of tiny-tiny pebbles. It’s much easier to clean off! Eli liked it but we were a bit cold. Met an extremely friendly 6 yr. old, Emma, with an Australian accent (later found out was New Zealand) though she insisted she was from New Jersey! We were not convinced. She was hilarious!

Yesterday we chilled again and Eli finally made the time zone switch – officially. We played at the park a little and went out for lunch.

Today, we went to Dillon Beach and took explored the low tide and tide pools. We found all kinds of live star fish and “goo-balls” (a.k.a. sea anemones – when the tide is low, they curl up and just look like green ooze). We got lots of fun pics and I’ll post when I get home. I forgot to bring the memory card reader along. Bummer.

Miracle and I have a babysitter tomorrow morning! woohoo! We might head to San Fran to see some sights. Whatever we do we’ll enjoy being just us two, sans babies.

Plans for Friday include moms group in the morning and chillin’ the rest of the day and prep for traveling early Saturday morning.

That’s the update in case you were wonderin’. See you soon!

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Well, at least its April…

InducerMy furnace decide it wanted a new one of these and it is not going to warm me up until it gets one. With a high temperature in the 40’s this week, it looks like I’m in for a cold couple of nights. Luckily, I am baking bread tonight so it’s 60F in my kitchen.

The draft inducer should be here by Thursday, so at least it’s only me who will be cold, not the entire family.



Kelli and Eli went to visit Miracle and Elsa in Berkeley for the week, which leaves me as a bachelor. It’s nice, but a little lonely and a lot more quiet around the house. What am I doing to keep myself busy?

  • Finish the taxes. (done!)
  • Listen to loud music after Eli’s bed time.
  • Bottle two batches of home brew.
  • Organize my workbench and tools.
  • Bake sourdough bread.
  • Ride my bicycle.
  • Plant tomatoes. (done!)
  • Watch movies that Kelli isn’t interested in.
  • Grill pizza. (never tried this before)
  • Rebuild my CO2 regulator.
  • Clean my keg fridge.

That’s all I have come up with so far… anyone have any other suggestions?

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