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When it rains it pours

  This little phrase explains the numerous pictures that I’m about to post, after several posts without photos.  It also explains our last night at the Farm this Memorial Weekend.  Our area got hit with several severe storms bumper-to-bumper and the 3 of us (with other refugees) landed on the floor in the Farm house dining room to sleep.  We were persuaded to move there because just before dark we had noticed 3 large dead trees that all leaned in the direction of our tent.  Any strong winds could have easy knocked those over.  We’ll have to take those out before we camp out there again next year.

Over all, Eli’s first camping experience went well.  He didn’t get all the sleep he needed, but really, does anyone get enough sleep when they are camping?

Without further adieu…(in chronological order)

Ready for the cold

Here, Eli is preparing for his first night of camping.  He’s wearing a snow hat, gloves, socks, a fleece sleeper and the snow bunting.  I was afraid he’d be a little warm but when I went to bed later that night, I was glad I’d put all of that on him.  It was chilly.

Family Photo

Here’s all the Lenzes in our tie-dye shirts – to celebrate the 10th annual and last (for several years?) Pig Roast.  The previous generation is handing down the responsibilities to our generation so we haven’t decided how often we’ll host the Pig Roast from here on out.  It’s a lot of work.  We will, however, continue to meet and camp and play over the Memorial holiday.

4 Generations

Here are 4 generations: Eli, Nathan, Eli’s Grandpa Al & Eli’s GREAT!-grandma Lois.  Can you tell they’re related? ;)

Jeff & Eli

Cousin Jeff and Eli – chillin’.

Eli & his tree

Eli with his 2nd tree.  This one is a Maple and we planted it in the yard near the barn several yards away from another mature Maple tree.  This one the only remaining of 2 (maybe there were more before I was around) large and shady Maple trees that called that space home.  It seemed fitting to start up another Maple tree for everyone to enjoy in that area.  Also, last years tree was too far away from the water faucet and our friend Barb was so-so kind to haul buckets of water out to it all summer last year!  We are so grateful and in no way wanted to cause so much trouble again with this years tree.  We are learning as we go and probably next year will get a smaller tree that won’t need so much water.

aereal veiw

Aerial shot, through the leaves.  Can you tell how tired Eli is? (Also, just realizing that we have a smudge on our camera lens).

Nathan planting the tree

Dad planting the tree with help from Preston.

Eli’s yawn with Sue

Eli, watching on with Sue.  mid-yawn.  Sue and Preston are family friends that we always enjoy seeing over the Memorial Weekend.  Sue says she is now ready for grandchildren. :)

Family shot with tree

Family shot with the tree.  We are all pretty exhausted.  None of us had showers and Nathan was still wearing the clothes he had on from the previous day and the ones he slept in all night on the dining room floor.

Gramma Vickie & Eli Gramma Vickie & Eli 2

Last but not least, these are two really great shots of Eli hanging out with Gramma Vickie!  They both look like they’re having a great time!

Thanks to aunt Gay for providing half of these photos!  We’ll probably receive more in the next week and post them here.

By the way, we really missed The French People this weekend. :)  Hope you both are doing well and want you to know that you were missed.  Having you at the Pig Roast has become a tradition for us. :)  We send our love.

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I hate centipedes

I’ve seen a couple in our basement laundry room this spring.  Just minutes ago, I found one in the laundry hamper as I was sorting the clothes.  It was as big as my pinky!  I shrieked like a girl…several times, actually…desperately wishing Nathan were here, as I watched it crawl further into the rest of the clothes in the hamper.  Ick!  It got away after I dramatically dumped the whole hamper over and all the clothes into the floor.  But I won’t rest knowing it got away and it’s still lurking in my basement.  I was too freaked to get close enough to even try to kill it.

I’m not usually this girly when it comes to bugs.  I don’t like them crawling on me, but when I see an ant in our kitchen (happening too frequently this spring) I don’t scream and do the pee-pee dance like I do with centipedes.  I wondered why I’m so disgusted by them.  Then it occurred to me…in essence, they are spider-snakes.  It’s hard to get much worse than that.  Maybe a dinasour-spider-snake would be worse or maybe a shark-spider-snake.  I’m just assuming those have never been discovered and glad that God didn’t have a bad day when he was creating the animals to think of such things.  (Back to centipedes) Now granted, I would much-much rather find a centipede in my laundry basket than a snake!  Shudder.  I can’t even mentally go there with out almost panicking.  No offense Leigh Ann.  I hate snakes….and I think there is some healthy fear there since a lot of snakes will bite and kill you.  But, I would also much rather find a spider in my laundry basket than a centipede (although I still make Nathan kill those too when he’s home).  Most the time spiders stay put but centipedes are pretty quick with their hundred tiny little creepy legs.  They could be half-way up my arm before I would even realize it!  Aaaggh-got the creepy-crawlies again!

Have a happy Memorial Weekend everyone!  Hope none of you have to share it with any spider-snakes!

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Momma called the doctor and the doctor said…

  It helped that I called for an appointment at exactly 8 am sharp and had the sicky-poo voice compounding the morning frog voice.  We got in!  The nurse said, “where do you live?”.  “Just a few blocks away.” I responded.  She said, “can you come now?”…”Yes!  We’re coming!”

You know, Eli didn’t have a fever last night when he went down…but had one at 3 am.  But of course this morning at the doc’s office – the ear scanner found no temp.  Plus, his mucus-y eye matting was super minimal and not as shocking this morning.  So, probably, he’s getting better on his own and we just payed for a maybe unnecessary doctor visit.  Oh well.  That’s what the $ in the Health Savings Account is for and we can’t use it for anything else.  Plus, I feel better just having seen someone who’s a professional.  I’ve only had a year of parenting experience and I just can’t make a good judgment call on my baby’s health.   As it’s Friday, I really just wanted to be prepared for the weekend and $ seems well spent for peace of mind.

Our doctor is in the Complimentary medicine clinic.  He does Homeopathic medicine as well as regular medicine.  He gave us OTC prescriptions for homeopathic stuff for Eli as well as anti-biotic prescription for him.  Nathan and I don’t necessarily “believe in” homeopathic medicine.  It sounds just like sugar-placebo pills.  Of course, placebo psych. won’t work on Eli.  But if we can try it and we don’t have to give him anti-biotics – especially with his allergy discoveries as of late, it’s great to have another option to try.  We’ll see.

Nathan and I got an inhaler b/c the doc thinks Nathan’s 4 week cough sounds allergy-ish.  We’re both trying it out just to see.  Also, he gave us herbal OTC prescriptions and anti-biotics.    Having the anti-biotic prescriptions just in case is a huge relief.  We’re on the mend…just in time for what seems will be another rainy weekend.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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We ARE sick.  Eli’s had a fever before and a runny nose, etc.  But this beats it!  Nathan’s faired the best of us 3 and I’m afraid Eli’s gotten the brunt.  E and I came down with fevers on Sunday afternoon on our way home from the farm.  I knew something was definitely not right when he actually fell asleep in the car – twice!  Once home we found he had an almost 103 degree fever!  We also valiantly searched for a Tylenol that did not contain Red #40 in it.  We ended up with Grape flavor that contains Blue something and Red #33.  I was still a little un-easy and was relieved that upon Nathan’s second or third run to Walgreens, he was able to locate the Dye-free Tylenol.  No Dye for us, thank you very much!

We’re faring well.  My fevers gone – has been for a couple days.  (Thank goodness cause I can take care of Eli much better!)  But E’s still got a low grade.    In the mornings, we all seem to have some eye-matted-ness but Eli really looks bad in the morning.  :(  Poor kid.  He’s hoarse today – though not coughing as much as he was.  He’s also got some energy spurts.  He’s been sleeping for 3-3.5 hrs. for his morning naps and I’m glad that he’s able to rest.  I’m about 99% sure this is a sinus infection, but just learned yesterday that sinus infections can be viruses and aren’t just bacterial.  So, from a doctor’s mouth, anti-biotics won’t necessarily help it.  It was a huge relief to find that out.  I’m not so anxious in waiting this out a bit.  I don’t want to give Eli anti-biotics unless it’s really necessary.

So, in the meantime, we’ve got the humidifiers on full blast and lots of NyQuil for the parents.   Despite our coughs, we have successfully been able to sleep in the same bed for the last 2 nights in a row.  A feat we’d not been able to accomplish for at least a week prior.  There is some light at the end of the tunnel.   All you healthy people out there, enjoy some of that sunshine for us sickly ones! ;)

(P.S.  This illness occurred just after Eli had a moderate allergic reaction to eggs on the previous Friday evening.  He looked like a bull dog – all swollen and puffy. :(  Anyhow, we learned that most folks grow out of their egg allergy by age 5.  So, good news!  About 3 doses later, we also realized the Baby Benadryl we were giving him had, you guessed it!, Red #40!  Alright already, people!  Enough with the red stuff!  FYI, there is Dye-Free Baby Benadryl, Bubble Gum flavor for those who were wondering.)

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Spring did come…

to my basement and to the rest of the neighborhood.  I’m in the process of transplanting my starts into slightly larger pots.  Still a few weeks before they can go into the ground.



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