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Monsoon Season 2008 (…and other random updates)

Little did I know when I titled my last entry that I was predicting our future!  Most of you have probably seen the news about our crazy weather up here (if you haven’t been experiencing it yourselves!).  We were doing ok till about the 5th(?) day of rain.  We had just gotten back from having our pictures taken (while my mom was visiting) and we just so happened to come in through the garage because it was raining.  Our garage is attached to our basement and someone (I think Nathan) just so happened to walk into the our nice newly and freely carpeted basement office to find our basement window starting to spring leaks!  It looked like a fish tank full of water!  The window sits just above our books shelf where 80% of our books and paperwork are stored.  I’m so glad mom was there because it gave us an extra couple hands to start moving EVERYthing out of there as fast as we could (including our computer).  Upon moving out our stuff, we recognized that the carpet in the far corner was full of water.  When you walked on it, it was like squeezing out a full sponge.  And the rain kept coming!  Nathan decided to go dig a trench to relieve the water sitting against our house and, well…the rest we’ll show you in pictures…

Digging Away

Here’s the trench all the way out to the hill in our front yard (yes, we do live on a hill and we were still flooded).


Here’s the back of the trench.  Nathan hadn’t finish digging yet when this shot was taken, so imagine it a couple more feet long.

back of trench

Here’s Nathan cleaning out the gutters in the front (wet t-shirt contest – woohoo! ;) ).  We thought the gutters were broken but found out they were really just clogged with those darned little Birch tree seed pod caterpillar thingys.  Anyhow, that’s how the carpet in the basement got wet, because there was so much water sitting in that corner of the house where the gutter was just overflowing.  It started seeping through the foundation. :( (But we did get the carpet dried and all is good now).

cleaning out gutters

Here I am after bailing out water from the window wells.

bailing water

And finally, in the midst of the monsoon, after things were settled and drying out, I decided to harvest our rhubarb and here’s the biggest leaf from the plant!  It’s huge – almost tropical looking with hydrangea bush blossoms sprinkled on top.  (Oh yea, and another nice look at our all original 60’s-70’s floor! How could  you miss it!)

Rhubarb leaf

All in all, things are settled down after the rains – thanks to my mom being there to help us and also thanks to us having a shop-vac!  I really think that saved our carpet.  We would just go down and vacuum every couple of hours to keep pulling as much water out as we could.  Since then, Nathan has re-dug and replaced the window wells.  We do still have a trench in our yard that will be repaired when we bring in dirt to re-grade so that the yard slopes away from our house.  Before that can happen, we have to fix the gutter in the back yard which is really broken and not just clogged.  Nathan is working on that with the help of his dad who is coming to visit on Sunday.  Also in process, re-furbishing the windows.  Re-furbishing is probably an exaggeration.  We can’t pour the money into the windows that we’d like, but Nathan is scrapping them, and re-priming, painting and re-glazing the outside and re-staining and polyurethaneing the inside.  The southern windows in particular have really been damaged.  The original stain and poly. has mostly flaked off and there’s some dry rot.  We’re doing what we can but don’t find it wise to pour $1,000’s into a house when the market is not so hot right now.  If it looks like we’ll be here more long term, we could reconsider some more intense repair to the windows.  For now, we’re just trying to keep them from gaining more damage.

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