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Left unchanged


Eli has been exploring different art mediums these last few months; crayons, play-doh, markers, finger paints, and today, chalk.  I pulled out the chalkboard from storage downstairs and found that it still had our moving list written on it from over a year ago.  It’s the only thing that was left unchanged this last year.  I’m usually not a sentimental person.  I moved a lot as a kid so change is almost a needed thing for me.  However, I was sentimental about this, the remaining physical reminder of that crazy upheaval in our lives.  I had to take a photo.  I think back to that time and still have so many emotions left over.  So many happy memories of our friends and community and so many sad emotions of leaving and all the change that has happened for us.  The change has been good and I don’t think we have any regrets.  However, building a new community from scratch is never easy.  We’ve made a lot of progress these last 14 mos. but I know it’s something we still struggle with each day.

On a most hopeful note, Eli is a’ growin’.  As I look through the camera memory card, I realize there’s a lot of pictures to catch you up on.  I know you won’t complain. :)

Eating and ColoringJust coloring

Finger Painting 1Finger Painting 2

Finger Painting 3Finger Painting 4

Eli with ChalkboardEli with Chalkboard 2

First and worst haircut EVER


Yoda 2Yoda (from the back)

Going out in 30 degree weather

Hat 1Hat 2

Hat 3

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