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1st REAL haircut

We cut Eli’s hair the other night.  It needed it seeing as it got caught when we fastened his bib or pulled when we put his shirt on or pulled it off.  So, we busted out the clippers and tried to make it look as fun as possible – even “fake” cutting Nathan’s hair to show Eli there was nothing to worry about.  It didn’t work.  He was pretty terrified of the black shiny, vibrating electrical device with long black teeth.  Hmmm, wonder why.  None the less, he was so brave.  I was really proud of him.  He sat on Daddy’s lap for the majority of the cutting and whimmpered and pressed his head into Nathan’s shoulder.  It was sweet and pretty darn fast.  Mom-barbers everywhere have to love the person who invented clippers!  Here’s the Before:

Still smiling


And the After:He is looking even older and more “boy-like” than ever before.



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What else is new?

We are still lame at consistently posting on our blog.  :(  Today I’m  deciding to post on Eli’s marvel feet.  First of all, last night he “put away his shoes”.  I think he put them into some black hole b/c they are no where to be found.  For playgroup this morning he wore some other tennis shoes (size 6) that I discovered are too small, barely able to get them on.  On the way home we stopped by Walmart and bought a size 7 (!) in the only pair that we could find – luckily they were on sale!  But not so luckily, they light up when he walks, runs, jumps, skips, etc. (you get the idea).  I’m not a fan of them but he is and that’s worth it, I guess.  Anyhoo, it seems as if not only does he have big feet (always has) but they are also wide and fat now.  That’s why I had to buy a size 7 – in order to even get them on his feet.  OI!  You should see us trying to get church shoes on him!  So, this is just a small post all about Eli’s feet.  Odd thing to write about but I’m just a little fixated on the peculiar ways he’s growing.  img_0958.JPG img_0959.JPG img_0960.JPG 

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