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Memorial Weekend pics

Hey friends!  We had a wonderful time at this Memorial weekend.  Another long weekend at the Lenz farm.  Only this time instead of roasting a pig in the ground, we had a shrimp boil.  Nathan’s parent’s generation had their 10th Pig Roast last year and this year passed the tourch to our generation.  Special kudos go out to Michael for his shrimp boil idea and logistical planning.  Also he and Jeff did most of the cooking with assistance from other cousins.  Nathan says it was the most relaxing Memorial weekend he can remember.  He says this in spite of spending almost a full day trying to assemble a picnic table for our camp site.  It’s not that the picnic table was too smart for him, but that the cordless drill needed a new battery.  After sanding down the wood he was able to get about 3 screws in before the drill died. Eventually he found another cordless drill that worked and viola it was done in a matter of minutes.  We are super-super thankful for our picnic table!  For years we’ve been preparing meals on a 12″ diamater tree stump and eating with plates in our laps.  With a toddler, that became more difficult this year.  Speaking of toddlers, Eli had a blast.  He was actually ready to come inside for a while towards the end of the weekend.  Mind you, that desire was fulfilled in about an hour and he returned to the great outdoors with zeal.  Eli also slept in his own tent which he affectionately called his “house”.  He loved it.  Mom and dad enjoyed not having to be sooo quiet when opening the zipper of our tent to go to bed or get up to pee or what not.We have no pictures of Eli’s tree this year.  We actually got 2 very small trees; a Buartnut and Chestnut (still planted in a tube about a foot long) so that no one would have to haul water out to them all summer long.    So needless to say, they weren’t very picturesque.  But we are still keeping with our tree planting tradition! …here’s the pics (special thanks to Aunt Hannah for the photos since we didn’t even get our camera out of the car the entire weekend)….

Can you find Eli?

Eli hidden in camo!

Eli and Papa

Eli and Papa Al, sportin’ the camo.

Eli wearing daddy’s work gloves

Eli trying on Daddy’s work gloves.  He’s not really as close to the fire as he looks.


Eli mooching off of Griffin’s animal crackers.  Though, Griffin looks happy to share. :)

Playing with “friend”

Eli playing with cousin Margarete (a.k.a. “friend”).  This was Eli’s favorite place to play all weekend, in the dirt/sand/small gravel patch.  Oh well, we could watch/see him from our conversation circle.

Eli feeding Joey some salsa via spoon

Joey is such a great sport!  Eli is feeding him salsa from a spoon.  I don’t think I could have stomached that.

Eli eating <i>another</i> hotdog.

Eli is eating yet another hotdog.  I think this was #6 or 7 for the weekend.  Mom is in the background wondering “What is going to happen to my son after eating another hotdog?  Am I a bad mother?”  Seriously though, hotdogs was about all he would eat…that and animal crackers and salsa….none of which were ours – all mooched from others.

Smaller-family pic

Last but not least, a smaller family picture.  By the way, if any family members have a good shot of the whole family (large size photo) can you send it to me please?

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