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Funny Eli sayings

I don’t have any new photos to post but had to share these funny things that Eli has said this last week before I forget.First,  as Eli was headed down to our basement to play he said, “I’ll be right back…in a second!”  This is what I often say to him when I’m going down to switch out laundry loads or run to the freezer in the garage.On Tuesday night it was just him and I at dinner b/c Nathan was at his Karate class.  Nathan usually prays for our food and in his absence I had forgotten.  Eli bowed his head and mumbled something and said “AMEN”!  I said, “Are you praying?  You’re right, momma forgot to pray.  Let’s pray now.  Eli, who do we pray to?”  Eli looks down at his food and says, “the bowl”.This morning on the way to play group we heard Chris Isaacs “I Wanna Fall in Love” “Wicked Games” on the radio.  I hear from the back seat, “Daddy crying”. ha ha ha!

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