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Had to share this…

I recently found this blog from  It’s called MOMformation and it’s got some good articles about child health issues, mom/children stuff in the news and some funny stuff too.  Here’s one of those funny ones…it’s short and made me laugh out loud so I wanted to pass it on to all of you out there who can relate. :)

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I’m pregnant and it’s a boy!

I don’t think I’ve announced my pregnancy here on our family blog.  I’ve announced it everywhere else so I apoligize if you are just now finding out.  This will be a good test to see who I keep in touch with exclusively via  So here are the pics of our new little guy!  We are very excited that Eli will have a brother.  My grandparents (mom’s side) and Nathan’s dad are the last folks straight up the family tree to have 2 (or more) boys (not counting Nathan’s cousins).  Looking at Nathan’s generation, however, there are 8 boys and 3 girls.  So we knew the odds were only about 25% chance that we’d have a little girl.  Regardless, it was a delight to see the littlest Lenz on screen yesterday.  Ultrasounds always amaze me.  I can only imagine what it’s like to have a 3 or 4-D U/S!  Surreal!ProfileLooking back on Eli’s U/S photos, I think this boy has a different profile already.  Could just be the angle of the U/S, however.  And if inutero activity is any sign of things to come, he is likely to be a little more mild mannered than Eli.  However, that’s all just a guesstimate from his mellow behavior yesterday.  I’m not betting any $ on that claim.  Here’s the alien-monkey shots…just to freak us out a little – keep us on our toes about what might actually be living in my belly till December.alien-monkeyAnd finally, further proof that we are actually having a little boy.  With Eli we got this adorable little photo of his foot print and with this baby boy we are getting…well…a shot of his “turtle”.  We’re looking up at his bottom with his legs spread a little …you know the rest. ;)  The U/S technician kept giving us % of her assuredness that it was a boy.  The more we looked the higher that % got – all the way up to a 90%.  I would say I’m more of a 99% with this photo.little turtleWe look forward to meeting our boy in person around the date of Dec. 13th!  Merry Christmas, baby!

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