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What’s goin’ on??

Seems that I fell off the wagon with my new years resolution….BUT, I’m hopping back on!  My disappearance reflects good changes in our lives and not bad.  Let me see what I can sum up from the past several weeks.

Hours after my last post G-G and Papa Al (Nathan’s parents) came to visit and help us out.  Thanks to Papa Al, who held Solomon nearly all weekend, Solomon miraculously started taking some short snoozes in his crib.  A Christmas miracle!….er, well, a February miracle anyway.  Since then Solomon has taken baby steps towards better sleeping.  Just last week he jumped into a growth spurt, nursing every 2 hrs. and also taking morning naps AND afternoon naps in his crib.  His morning naps are still a little sketchy, starting with barely a 45 min. nap and then nursing and going right back down to finish with  30 min. – 1 hr more.  His nap also never seems to begin at the same time from day to day.  This is ironic since Dr. Weissbluth says the morning nap (starting at 9 or 10 am) is the first to develop.  Obviously Solomon is challenging the norm.  This really should be no big surprise to me, yet I still find that I get frustrated.  At least this frustration points out that I’ve got some buried expectations that I need to dig up and resolve.

Also last week, I decided it was time to get moving.  For several years I’ve wanted to run a 5k.  To some of you this may sound like not such a big challenge.  To me, however, it is.  I have never been a runner. Never.  Most of the time I actually hate it.  I chalk that up to being “untrained” in the sport.  So, using this goal as motivation to lose the baby weight, I downloaded a training schedule and started last week.  So far so good.  I’ve noticed a remarkable boost in over all energy and also attitude.

Another cause for my over-all better attitude: How to Behave So you Preschooler Will Too, by Dr. Sal Severe.  I know, I know, we read a lot of books for our kids.  I think the moms at my play group laugh at me with their inside voices.  I’m always saying, “You know I read such’n’such…” or “This one was rated the best according to such’n’such article” or whatever.  We do do a lot of research.  Usually though, it pays off in the end.  Anyway, back to this book.  I’m only half way through it (borrowed from the library) and I’ve rechecked it and probably will end up purchasing to use as a reference for the next few (well many if we’re including Solomon too) preschool years.  So far his techniques have worked.  And when I say “techniques” I really mean “parent training”.  Most of his suggestions center around how parents behave in order to help their preschoolers make good decisions and learn self-control.  As I’m reading this book I’m finding that in reality adults are just large preschoolers who have to make harder decisions.  Just like Eli looses his cool when he has to do something he doesn’t like, so do I.  When Solomon is screaming in the other room and I’m rushing to finish making Eli’s lunch and 30 seconds after serving him his Mac’n Cheese I hear a crash and see his bowl face down on the floor….lets just say that my tone veered toward the loud and angry side and the dishwasher door got slammed.  I had myself a wee little tantrum.

Nathan continues to work very hard.  The company website required a total makeover.  Bad timing.  The project started January (Solomon was 2-3 weeks old) and hopefully will end at the end of March.  The deadline has already been pushed back twice.  This is a blessing and a curse.  The initial deadline was impossible for Nathan to make but pushing it back 4 weeks means that we get to live another month in full stress mode.  He usually comes home, eats dinner, helps get the kids to bed and then works.  He also works a lot on the weekends.  He actually set up a boundary this Sunday to not work b/c he just really needed to have some rest.  He dreams about work most of the time.  We think his boss is going to give him some time off when the project is done.  This sounds amazing to us and too good to be true!  We’ll see what ends up happening.

What’s ahead??  Spring!!  Grammy & Papa Chuck arrive this Sunday for a visit!  Hopefully, more and more sleep and some much needed R&R.  Eli’s 3rd birthday in a month and a half – crazy!  More smiles and giggles from Solly!

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