Our little tree hugger

In celebration of Eli’s birthday on Earth day, the Lenzes are starting a new family tradition. We will plant a tree every year on his birthday. Since we were all a little busy on 4/22nd this year, we decided to wait until Memorial day. Here are photo’s of us planting Eli’s first tree.

The family picking out the tree

We wish Eli had some sun glasses too. He is sporting a cool tie-dye hat.

Tree tag

We picked out a pin oak, which grows to a height of 75 feet. It should grow at a rate of 25″ or more per year. This would make it 30 feet on his 10th birthday and 50 feet by the time he turns 20 in 2027.

Planting the tree

Placing the tree in its new home.

Tree planted with the family

Here we are again, in our red pig roast shirts, posed next to the new tree.

Planted and staked

Finally, here is a better angle on it. Since it was a little loose in the soil, we roped and staked to give it a little help through it’s first summer on the Lenz farm.


  1. Jon Boyd said,

    May 29, 2007 at 10:38 pm

    I dunno, it really doesn’t look as if Eli did his fair share of the work…

  2. kylene said,

    May 30, 2007 at 12:24 am

    does eli have a baby pig roast shirt on?

    i love this idea of planting a tree on his birthday. a few years back, i was eating chinese food and i grabbed a fortune cookie that said “plant a tree on your birthday.” i was like, “what kind of fortune is this?” so i picked another. same thing. happened 3 times. if eli ever gets those fortunes…they’ll come true! i should’ve saved them “for such a time as this”. :) hahahaha.

  3. nathan said,

    May 30, 2007 at 1:39 pm

    Eli does indeed have his own pig roast shirt.

  4. alan said,

    May 30, 2007 at 9:26 pm

    Planting a tree is an awesome idea. I really want to hear more about the pig roast… did they bury it overnight in an imu?

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