Little Boys Blue

Little Boys Blue

Little Boys Blue

Despite some unsuccessful attempts at sleep training, Solly has been taking a regular nap this week.  He goes down when Eli goes down and sleeps in his bouncy seat for a good 3-4+ hrs.   He also usually sleeps a 6-8 hr. stretch at night – although we still have the occasional night of waking every 3 hrs. or less.  Wednesday night Solly slept from 8 till 4 am and Eli slept through the entire night.  That was our best night so far!  So thank you to everyone who has been praying for us to get good sleep this week.  It’s helped a lot. :)

I wanted to post some fun experiences that we’ve had this last week.  I fear that I get bogged down with the negative and that’s what I project on the blog.  Times are hard for us right now but I believe both Nathan and I are very aware of how blessed we are and we linger as long as we can in those priceless moments of laughter and joy.

Solomon has been practicing his smiles this week.  At least every morning I get to have a little conversation with him while he coos and grins at me.  Those few minutes help carry me through the day.  Eli really adores Solomon and always talks of sharing his toys with him.  Its a little sad because he doesn’t understand that Solly is just too little to really enjoy the sharing.  Last night I asked Eli to go get Solly’s Monkey toy to entertain him while I finished dinner.  I was not specific enough because when I turned around I saw the 16″ stuffed monkey in the bouncy seat! Solomon was buried underneath.   I know that when Solomon is a bit older and those smiles are near constant that Eli will find much more pleasure in their relationship.  Part of me can’t wait for that to happen and the other part of me wants to just be in the moment with no wishing for the future.  They do grow up to fast.

I think last Sunday was the best day of our week.  It was Solomon’s first day to really shine the smiles and he, Eli and Daddy had a great time while mom tried to get some more rest in the morning.  Later, before church, Daddy and Eli played baseball in the house and I think we may have a slugger in the family.  Eli hit 5 or 6 balls!  One right after another.  We were pretty impressed with the improvement in his hand-eye coordination.  Then when Eli dropped a book on his foot (OUCH!) he and dad had some snuggle time and Eli said he needed a band-aid.  Nathan said his foot wasn’t bleeding so he didn’t need a band-aid but snuggling would make it better.  Eli said matter of factly, “No, that does not work but Band-aids ALWAYS work.”  A good laugh had by all.  He catches us off guard with the things he says, the logic that comes out of his head.  And EVERYTHING he says contains a hyperbole. ;)

Eli’s favorite thing to do these days is to help us cook.  This is a love hate thing for us.  He’s a 2 yr. old (almost 3 yr. old) and that doesn’t leave room for much patience on his part or our part.  But we do try to involve him with little projects that are appropriate for him and try not to blow our tops when he has his hands in everything while our backs are turned for 2 seconds.

Monday morning (or was it Tuesday???) Eli and I got to sled outside together.  Solly was down for a nap and Eli was out playing in the snow.  He needed help sledding so I put on all my snow gear and we went down our little backyard slope several times.  Wish I could have stayed out longer with him but couldn’t leave Solly alone for too long.

Tuesday evening I had a hair appointment.  Nothing like a new do (& an hour out of the house) to lift a girl’s spirits.

There’s our week in a nutshell.

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  1. Grammy said,

    February 15, 2010 at 11:31 pm

    I am so happy to read your latest posts! Can’t wait to see the boys….

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