This must be short so that I can get a nap in while Eli is down.  Just wanted to report some good progress on Solly’s part.  Last night he slept 8 hrs and the night before that, 9 hrs!  I got him down to sleep 45 min. late last night and I expect that’s why he slept only 8 and not 9 again.  But that’s the first time he’s been consistent in his waking time, 3:58 am.  Hopefully this will stick.

Also, last night in desperation I put Solly in the swing while I cooked dinner and he liked it!  He was in the swing for about 45 minutes just talking to his fish.  He’s been in there a while this morning too while I cleaned the very dirty floors.  He even fell asleep in there for a bit.  This from the kid who would tolerate the swing for about 5-10 minutes for the first month of his life!  Yea!!

Ok, off to nap with the wee one.  He still needs me to hold him during naps so I have to take naps too.  Bummer. ;)

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