Fun with Food

Peanut butter train

Peanut butter train

We do still manage to have some fun around here.  I asked Eli if he wanted a peanut butter sandwich for lunch yesterday and he replied, “Peanut butter Train”.  I said, “I’ll see what I can do”.  Here’s what I came up with.  He seemed to enjoy it.

A week ago Nathan had Solomon (a rare time when Solomon was happy being held by dad) and Eli and I decided to play. We cleared out the living room floor and raced back and forth between the picture wall and the big green couch on the other side of the 20-ish ft. floor. We had a great time! It was probably the hardest workout I’ve done since before I was pregnant!

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1 month

Solomon is one month old today.  And….ugh, what happened as soon as I sat down to write this post?  Little sleepy guy woke up and started crying.  How do they know???!!!!  I love him.  I do.  But these last few weeks have been hard.  Not horrid, just hard.  And the roller coaster of emotions that go with it, man.  One minute I’m so in love with him and the next minute I feel like I’m about to fall apart if I can’t get to a tropical vacation where I am alone on the beach – ALONE!  No kids.

Anyway, back to Solomon’s one month old post.  Despite the rough weeks I think things might be turning up.  I hope.  He’s probably still considered an easy baby, I just think Eli was super-duper easy so we are in Newborn Boot camp all over again.  He’s still wearing Newborn size but is starting to get some chub on him – thanks to some wonderful nursing.  That is definitely getting easier by the week.  The labor and the nursing are 100% better than Eli’s labor and nursing.  For those things I am extremely grateful.  (Btw, I plan to post Solomon’s birth story very soon – within the week).  God answered my prayers above and beyond what I asked for.  He is good.

Solomon can also lift his head pretty well.  He started practicing just days after his “outside” arrival.  He also is starting to talk to us a little bit.  It’s rare but happens about once or twice a day.  Just a short little “ooo”.  Although, one nap time he talked to me in his sleep, taking after daddy at an early age.  He said, “goa-goa-goa-goa-wa” pretty loudly.  Yes, very much like his daddy, repeating the same word over and over and sleeping right through it. ;)  And as if that wasn’t enough development for 4 1/2 weeks, he also has started smiling.  Both Nathan and I have received some responsive if not faint smiles.  He also really likes to smile while nursing, right as he’s drifting off to dreamland.  That’s got to be a nice happy place for him. :)

Happy 1 month, Solly!  We look forward to many-many more!

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Lookin for food

Lookin for food

Mental Note:  Nuk brand breast pads don’t work so well as breast pads but make wonderful coasters.

A few weeks ago, Eli was holding Solomon (with some assistance from mom, of course.)  Sol started rooting around for food – towards Eli’s shirt/chest.  I said, “Oh, looks like he’s hungry”.  Eli paused a moment and then proceeded to lift up his shirt…  Nathan and I got a good laugh out of that one.  Don’t worry, we stopped him before he got his shirt lifted all the way up and explained that he doesn’t come with the appropriate “equipment” to feed the baby.

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New Years Resolution

I would have been smart to have a New Years Resolution of “I will not make myself crazy by trying to have a New Year’s Resolution and a newborn at the same time”.  However, that is not the resolution I made.  My resolution is to be a more frequent blogger.  I’ve left the blog on the shelf for too long and now that we have a new wee one it’s important to be posting the photos.  But along with this resolution comes a little “tool”, a defining point, if you will, of how to make blogging approachable and not overwhelming for me.  I heard from a friend of another friend who posts every day with a photo and a little story from the day.  I’m pretty sure that friend has several more kids than I so there’s sure to never be a dull moment.  I don’t expect we’ll have as many lively tales as she but posting a story from the day or just a little mental note is something I can do.  Photos…, well, I will try my darndest to get those posted as well.  And it will keep me accountable to keep taking pictures of kid #2.  (Poor kid #2.)

This week (and I’m sure for several more weeks to come) I am super thankful for my Moby wrap.  I believe Solomon is a bit more colicky than Eli was.  Pretty much, minus a few 10 minute exceptions of simple bliss, Solomon needs to be nursing or sleeping to be happy.  And also, in order to be sleeping Solomon needs to be held.  This is enough to make someone who already has a 2 yr. old crazy.  And I am feeling crazy pretty often these days.  Trying to stay as sane as possible and perhaps get a few dishes done, vomit cleaned up, Eli and myself fed, etc., I put Solly in the Moby wrap and wear him.  I did expect that I would use the Moby wrap or Baby Bjorn more often with Solomon than I did with Eli but I don’t think I’d pictured it as a dire necessity to function.  Though, that is what it’s become.

Solomon in the Moby wrap

Solomon, Jan. 11, 2010 - Asleep in the Moby wrap.

We are re-reading the Healthy Sleep Habits Happy Child book (a.k.a. “Happy Sleep” book) .  At this stage in Eli’s life we 1. didn’t need the  Happy Sleep book and 2. if we had needed it, we hadn’t even heard of it.  So now I’m sorta back tracking trying to find out information on sleep for the first few weeks of life.  Most stories in this book make me super thankful for Solomon even though he seems to be a bit higher maintenance.  However, he does sleep for more than 2 hrs during the day (if I’m holding him) and he doesn’t keep us all up screaming all through the night.  God’s mercy on those parents who have babies like that.

So, what I’m learning about weeks 2 through 6 is that the baby is likely to be fussy.  Even an easy baby is fussier at this time and that’s normal.  It’s expected to last and even perhaps worsen through the peak at week 6 and then start to gradually get better as the little brain develops.  Dr. Weissbluth says to do anything you can to help your child sleep b/c you don’t want to make your already fussy baby over-tired.  No, Dr. Weissbluth, we certainly don’t.  Thus, Solomon gets to eat, have his paci, get snuggled, sleep with mom and dad, etc-etc. whenever he wants.  I keep telling myself “they say” I can’t spoil my child at this young of an age.  I’m holding to that.

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It’s exhausting waking up my parents all night.

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Had to share this…

I recently found this blog from  It’s called MOMformation and it’s got some good articles about child health issues, mom/children stuff in the news and some funny stuff too.  Here’s one of those funny ones…it’s short and made me laugh out loud so I wanted to pass it on to all of you out there who can relate. :)

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I’m pregnant and it’s a boy!

I don’t think I’ve announced my pregnancy here on our family blog.  I’ve announced it everywhere else so I apoligize if you are just now finding out.  This will be a good test to see who I keep in touch with exclusively via  So here are the pics of our new little guy!  We are very excited that Eli will have a brother.  My grandparents (mom’s side) and Nathan’s dad are the last folks straight up the family tree to have 2 (or more) boys (not counting Nathan’s cousins).  Looking at Nathan’s generation, however, there are 8 boys and 3 girls.  So we knew the odds were only about 25% chance that we’d have a little girl.  Regardless, it was a delight to see the littlest Lenz on screen yesterday.  Ultrasounds always amaze me.  I can only imagine what it’s like to have a 3 or 4-D U/S!  Surreal!ProfileLooking back on Eli’s U/S photos, I think this boy has a different profile already.  Could just be the angle of the U/S, however.  And if inutero activity is any sign of things to come, he is likely to be a little more mild mannered than Eli.  However, that’s all just a guesstimate from his mellow behavior yesterday.  I’m not betting any $ on that claim.  Here’s the alien-monkey shots…just to freak us out a little – keep us on our toes about what might actually be living in my belly till December.alien-monkeyAnd finally, further proof that we are actually having a little boy.  With Eli we got this adorable little photo of his foot print and with this baby boy we are getting…well…a shot of his “turtle”.  We’re looking up at his bottom with his legs spread a little …you know the rest. ;)  The U/S technician kept giving us % of her assuredness that it was a boy.  The more we looked the higher that % got – all the way up to a 90%.  I would say I’m more of a 99% with this photo.little turtleWe look forward to meeting our boy in person around the date of Dec. 13th!  Merry Christmas, baby!

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Funny Eli sayings

I don’t have any new photos to post but had to share these funny things that Eli has said this last week before I forget.First,  as Eli was headed down to our basement to play he said, “I’ll be right back…in a second!”  This is what I often say to him when I’m going down to switch out laundry loads or run to the freezer in the garage.On Tuesday night it was just him and I at dinner b/c Nathan was at his Karate class.  Nathan usually prays for our food and in his absence I had forgotten.  Eli bowed his head and mumbled something and said “AMEN”!  I said, “Are you praying?  You’re right, momma forgot to pray.  Let’s pray now.  Eli, who do we pray to?”  Eli looks down at his food and says, “the bowl”.This morning on the way to play group we heard Chris Isaacs “I Wanna Fall in Love” “Wicked Games” on the radio.  I hear from the back seat, “Daddy crying”. ha ha ha!

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Memorial Weekend pics

Hey friends!  We had a wonderful time at this Memorial weekend.  Another long weekend at the Lenz farm.  Only this time instead of roasting a pig in the ground, we had a shrimp boil.  Nathan’s parent’s generation had their 10th Pig Roast last year and this year passed the tourch to our generation.  Special kudos go out to Michael for his shrimp boil idea and logistical planning.  Also he and Jeff did most of the cooking with assistance from other cousins.  Nathan says it was the most relaxing Memorial weekend he can remember.  He says this in spite of spending almost a full day trying to assemble a picnic table for our camp site.  It’s not that the picnic table was too smart for him, but that the cordless drill needed a new battery.  After sanding down the wood he was able to get about 3 screws in before the drill died. Eventually he found another cordless drill that worked and viola it was done in a matter of minutes.  We are super-super thankful for our picnic table!  For years we’ve been preparing meals on a 12″ diamater tree stump and eating with plates in our laps.  With a toddler, that became more difficult this year.  Speaking of toddlers, Eli had a blast.  He was actually ready to come inside for a while towards the end of the weekend.  Mind you, that desire was fulfilled in about an hour and he returned to the great outdoors with zeal.  Eli also slept in his own tent which he affectionately called his “house”.  He loved it.  Mom and dad enjoyed not having to be sooo quiet when opening the zipper of our tent to go to bed or get up to pee or what not.We have no pictures of Eli’s tree this year.  We actually got 2 very small trees; a Buartnut and Chestnut (still planted in a tube about a foot long) so that no one would have to haul water out to them all summer long.    So needless to say, they weren’t very picturesque.  But we are still keeping with our tree planting tradition! …here’s the pics (special thanks to Aunt Hannah for the photos since we didn’t even get our camera out of the car the entire weekend)….

Can you find Eli?

Eli hidden in camo!

Eli and Papa

Eli and Papa Al, sportin’ the camo.

Eli wearing daddy’s work gloves

Eli trying on Daddy’s work gloves.  He’s not really as close to the fire as he looks.


Eli mooching off of Griffin’s animal crackers.  Though, Griffin looks happy to share. :)

Playing with “friend”

Eli playing with cousin Margarete (a.k.a. “friend”).  This was Eli’s favorite place to play all weekend, in the dirt/sand/small gravel patch.  Oh well, we could watch/see him from our conversation circle.

Eli feeding Joey some salsa via spoon

Joey is such a great sport!  Eli is feeding him salsa from a spoon.  I don’t think I could have stomached that.

Eli eating <i>another</i> hotdog.

Eli is eating yet another hotdog.  I think this was #6 or 7 for the weekend.  Mom is in the background wondering “What is going to happen to my son after eating another hotdog?  Am I a bad mother?”  Seriously though, hotdogs was about all he would eat…that and animal crackers and salsa….none of which were ours – all mooched from others.

Smaller-family pic

Last but not least, a smaller family picture.  By the way, if any family members have a good shot of the whole family (large size photo) can you send it to me please?

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1st REAL haircut

We cut Eli’s hair the other night.  It needed it seeing as it got caught when we fastened his bib or pulled when we put his shirt on or pulled it off.  So, we busted out the clippers and tried to make it look as fun as possible – even “fake” cutting Nathan’s hair to show Eli there was nothing to worry about.  It didn’t work.  He was pretty terrified of the black shiny, vibrating electrical device with long black teeth.  Hmmm, wonder why.  None the less, he was so brave.  I was really proud of him.  He sat on Daddy’s lap for the majority of the cutting and whimmpered and pressed his head into Nathan’s shoulder.  It was sweet and pretty darn fast.  Mom-barbers everywhere have to love the person who invented clippers!  Here’s the Before:

Still smiling


And the After:He is looking even older and more “boy-like” than ever before.



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